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Who Will Play Bilbo Baggins?

Bilbo Baggins CastingThe official release date for The Hobbit movies is not the only thing that remains uncertain at this point in production (or at least unknown to public).  There have been many rumors as well as some actors who have come forward and said that they have auditioned for the part of Bilbo Baggins.  However, there still yet remains to be an official announcement of the the actor.  Of course, there are many rumors of who may be the lucky hobbit, but those rarely pan out to be fact.  Here are some of those rumored:

James McAvoy

This was the favorite out of the gates.  McAvoy has been praised in some of his recent acting roles (Last King of Scotland, Wanted) and also bears the “hobbit look” to go with it.  The innocence of Frodo is not necessarily the same look they are looking for Bilbo.  The Hobbit does entail quite a bit more hobbit combat scenes with Bilbo, so a bit more edge in the character may be appropriate.  However, McAvoy has time and time again strongly denied any allegations that he is casted as the role.

Daniel Radcliff

Mr. Harry Potter himself.  Sure, he’s English and has gained superior notoriety through Harry Potter.  He’s about the right height, however with today’s technology that is not much of a factor.  Radcliff would be a safe pick, but probably wouldn’t turn any heads at the end of the day.  In addition to that, I don’t know if he will ever be able to shake the “Harry Potter” out of him.

Tobey Maguire

A popular UK newspaper, The Sun, announced that Tobey Maguire was announced for the role.  This would make sense as it conveniently matched the timeline of him leaving the Spider-Man franchise just prior to filming its 4th film.  There were also reported statements from Maguire saying that “I would not take my name out of the equation.”  This rumor was quickly denied by Maguire’s rep and stated that it was not the case.  Maguire definitely matches the look of the hobbit role, but is a bit older and lacks the English charisma.

Matthew Goode

Goode announced to the UK Daily Telegraph that he indeed auditioned for the part of Bilbo, but cautioned that he was one of many who has auditioned.  Goode recently starred in Watchmen and is on the upswing of his acting career.  He was pretty certain that he would not play the part, but it shows what type of actor they are looking far.

I have heard from sources close to the movie that many who have auditioned for the part of Bilbo have been lesser known actors.  My personal opinion is that we will be surprised by who plays the part.  I know Guillermo pretty well and I know his taste in actors.  He is less pleased with familiarity and more pleased with filling the needed role.  In fact, sometimes he prefers a less known person.  This role would be perfect for a new actor.  Much like Sam Worthington did in Avatar, a new actor can create a unique dynamic to the character that allows to really focus on Bilbo.  Don’t be surprised to see a new or less known face as the role of Bilbo.  We should know soon enough.

, Daniel Radcliffe, and David Tennant

  • alvin

    i would prefer tobey maguire hahaha

  • Jingizu

    Oh please please please tell me they will NOT pick either Toby Macguire or Daniel Radcliffe!!!
    Why can't they use Ian Holm and just cg him a bit younger-looking [as they did in X-Men 3]? He had Bilbo down pat in LotR.

  • Adam

    Daniel Radcliffe is a safe bet, though I don't think I would cast him. David Tennant would be ideal for the role in my opinion, but he is also getting on in years. Toby Macguire.. hmm as said in the article, he lacks the english charisma and his face is too familiar. James McAvoy would be great for the role.
    I think though they will go for a newer actor than them though, in lesser known roles, and I think they're right too.