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Viggo Mortensen Not in Hobbit Movie

viggo mortensen hobbit

The ladies may shed a tear on this one.  In a recent interview with Viggo Mortensen, who of course played the role of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, asked him of his role in the upcoming Hobbit films.  Although nothing official had been announced about Viggo being in the movies, there was a lot of speculation he would show up, considering, both Legolas and Frodo are appearing in the films.

However, this is what he had to say,

“I’m not in it unless it there is some last-minute plan they have, but I thought I would have heard of it by now.”

Although the signs do not look good, do not lose hope.  There still remain a chance that Aragorn could make a last minute appearance before production ends.  Cross your fingers.

  • why would he be in the movie if his character isnt even mentioned in the book WTF!

  • isilme

    for the same reason that Frodo and Legolas appear in the film, even when their characters are not even mentioned in the book.

  • eriol

    regardless of Legolas not being in the book, the dwarves and Bilbo were actually in Thranduil’s halls so Legolas may perfectly be there. Now, the Frodo stuff, I can’t get it

  • Dark-yosh

    Frodo will appear like, explaining some stuff at the end…Legolas well its in his homeland…Aragorn, oh well..

  • Please, please, pleeeaaaseee bring back Arargorn we neeed him

  • Ffff

    Have you ever read The Hobbit? ¬¬

  • Ranger

    Aragorn is a ranger and his duty is to protect middle earth. He could show up at the war or maybe in Dain. Who knows???

  • DragonsAreAwesome

    They are changing the beginning of the Hobbit so that it starts with the time before Biblo’s party in LOTR 1 and so Frodo is there and then it transitions back 60 years when The Hobbit begins.  Frodo is going to help connect the two movies.  I’m really excited he’s in it!!:)


    They know nothing, ARGAGON NORTH is a mountain, and hopefully OUT IN THE MOVIE THE HOBBIT

  • Rod

    I read somewhere that Frodo and the Ian Holm would be at the beginning of the movie as an introduction.

  • Anonymous

    1. Books and movies aren’t the same. If you haven’t figured that out by now…

    2. Legolas, Frodo, and Aragorn would all have reason to appear.

    -Legolas is in Thranduil at the time the Dwarves + Bilbo arrives.

    -Frodo is opening the films with Bilbo as the story is taking shape in Bilbo’s journal. He is only appearing in a narrative sense.

    -Aragorn fought in battles which took place at the same time as the Hobbit, so it’s likely he came across the party at some point, or was aware of the Battle of Five Armies.

    You must also be willing to accept the fact that Tolkien added a lot to his own stories in the appendices, as well as posthumous publications which detail other areas of Middle Earth during the time of these epochs.

    Peter Jackson is simply using every effort to pull from all of Tolkien’s work from the time period of the Hobbit to better immerse the general audience in the world of Middle Earth.

    As a film, that’s an improvement. With 2-3 hours, a director/writer can’t tell us everything that appears in the book, so creative tricks must be used to better explain what’s going on.

    Furthermore, the appearance of these characters provides a beautiful link between the sagas that the audience will appreciate.

  • db

    Aragorn was a mere child when this book took place. What would he do? Toddle around?

  • Michelle

    What a perfect explanation! I am an English teacher and I have a degree in English literature, and even I can appreciate the difference between a novel and a film! No film can ever hope to be EXACTLY like the book! We would be in the theatre for a ten hour stretch if that were so!

  • bree

    Actually, Aragorn was mid-80’s during the events of LOTR, so that would put him in his 20’s during the Hobbit.



  • Topak

    there are signs that darth vader will be in this movie too!

  • Kokakelly

    …and the ewoks

  • Do not lose HOPE, you say? Can we expect a scene of young Estel in Rivendell? 

  • Batman61

    He won’t be missed. Although he was a decent Strider/Aragorn that had his good moments, I think he was the most poorly cast character in LOTR trilogy. 

  • nicole

    i hope that the aragorn will be in the hobbit.
    a,reason more to see the movie

  • burns

    no he was younger. You’re right, there was about 60 years between the hobbit and the lotr. But in the beginning of the fellowship of the ring, when Gandalf goes away to find out more about the ring, they don’t say so in the movie but he’s actually away for about 9 years or something.

  • Widdershiznit

     Ah but not in the LOTR film.  At the end of the Return of the King, It is said that they have been away for 13 months since the incident at Weathertop.  You do know that Frodo was suppose to be in his mid thirties in LOTR.