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Then There Were Three…Hobbit Movies

the hobbit trilogy

As we reported last week what could be a possibility in the near future, has now become official.  The Hobbit will officially be released as a 3-movie trilogy instead of the previously planned two-movie feature.  Peter Jackson made the speculation official yesterday, announcing on his facebook page that indeed the movie will now consist of 3 movies.  He said,

” We were really pleased with the way the story was coming together, in particular, the strength of the characters and the cast who have brought them to life. All of which gave rise to a simple question: do we take this chance to tell more of the tale? And the answer from our perspective as the filmmakers, and as fans, was an unreserved ‘yes.'”

The announcement has been received with mixed reviews.  This holds true with the fans who have spoken on here.  There is a gentle line of excitement of “more content” to be able to view about The Hobbit, accompanied with fear that perhaps there is too much movie for one book.  The one big promising fact, is that Jackson and all major film makers involved in the film were in firm agreement that more was need to tell the “rich story” of the Hobbit.

As of now, the 3rd movie is set to be released in the Summer of 2014, only a 6 month gap between the 2nd movie release date.  It is hard not to be excited for the movie as anything from Tolkien, put to screen by Peter Jackson is hard to imagine not being cinematically stunning.  What are the thoughts from the fans?

  • Luke

    Can’t wait!

  • Nicole

    I think PJ does a great job in all that he does, but I will be honest and say that I’m a little nervous about having a third movie. I guess I’ll just sit back and see what happens. 

  • Adolfo.G

    i didn’t like the idea, but, perhaps we’ll be able to see a little bit more about those strange reunions between Gandalf and others

  • I don’t know about this… I like it that there is more time to tell the story.. But We have to wait so long for every part.. That would break my heart! I barely hold on waiting for the first part to come out! 

  • Joel Andrews

    it’s going to be incredible. there’s enough content in the hobbit, the appendices and tolkien’s notes to make at least 4 movies. people shouldn’t view it as an adaptation of JUST the book, the hobbit trilogy and the lord of the rings trilogy will be like a six film adaptation of the third age of middle earth. 

  • Francisco Gomez

    so…how is this third movie will call??? 

  • Anni Hausen

    I’m pretty excited about The Hobbit!!! <3 My only remark would be: Three LOTR movies, three (or rather 6) books…
    1 hobbit book, and 3 movies as well..????

  • Izzyhalsall

    Seems rather like they just want more money, having a third release…. The original 6 books became 3 movies, but this one book (rather small) becomes 3 movies? How much extra stuff are they adding…

  • Meg Cowley

    Peter Jackson has officially sold out. I barely understand how they can drag two movies out of the Hobbit. Three movies is ridiculous. 🙁



  • My take is that most of the Hobbit story told in the novel will be covered in the first movie, and that the second and third movies will cover story that takes place in the 60-year gap between The Hobbit and LOTR, plus some additional Middle Earth lore as covered in the appendices as well as maybe The Silmarillion. I quite frankly think it will be awesome, and I don’t think it’s simply to “make more money” as some suggest.

  • Silverray95

    if only he’d help George Lucas in how to tell a story.  PJ is awesome in getting a story to the screen and not taking short cuts and ‘cheezing’ it up like Lucas did in the prequels.

  • I for one think this will work. If you look at the LoTR movies, the extended DVD’s are long enough that they could easily have been 6 normal (hour-and-a-half) films. And that’s still with leaving out a fair bit of the book. The Hobbit is a relatively short book, but there’s a lot of story packed tightly into that book, plus you’ve got the LoTR appendices and Tolkien notes, as someone else mentioned. I think this could easily make for 3 movies if done right (and I believe Peter Jackson can definitely do this right).

  • Taran

    Having watched all the blog diaries and read the book several times (including the LOTR, the Silmarilion, and others), I’m confident in Peter Jackson to do the job right. Adding a third movie could potentially be a risk, but one worth taking. After all, there is much more to the tale of The Hobbit than what is just in the book, not to mention all the different adventures that Bilbo has. I think there’s plenty of material to pull from and I trust Mr. Jackson to do it right.

  • Sebastian Schuele

     lord of the rings was written as one book too!

  • I’m not sure about this at all. If, as some other commenters have suggested, the movies cover things from the Silmarillion etc as well, then awesome. Sounds good to me. However, I’ve read things that suggest they’re just making up a lot of subplots to ‘pad it out’. The Hobbit is a children’s book, it’s quite short, and to be honest, one movie would be enough. Yes, there are no female characters to speak of, but that’s not why kids go to the cinema anyway, is it? I think people forget the target audience of the Hobbit sometimes. It’s simpler and shorter than LotR for a reason.

  • Thibaud Duchet

    I just remember in 2000 when P. Jackson decided to make the Lord of the rings into a movie. Everybody thought that it was impossible, and now we consider the Lord of the Rings as one of the best movies ever made. So let Jackson do what he wants, it will be amazing !

  • Hockeybug1

    How can Jackson take the 300 page Hobbit and turn it into 3 movies when he only need three movies for the 1200 page Lord of the Rings trilogy? 

  • Nicholas Caplin

    I highly agree with their decision on making a third movie. Not only because there is a lot that can be told and that would make The Hobbit story richer but also because who will make remake the movies in the future and there is little chance or Peter to make any more Tolkien movies. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were the two four movies that was written as a story. Content such as the Silmarillion is just part of the universe and not much of a stuck together story.

    Who would possibly remake the movies in the future? Not Peter Jackson I’m guessing, and that would be many decades in the future considering how well the movies are made and how well they hold up.

    I think Peter is making the doing the right thing here since he isn’t going to get another chance to tell stories on screen from the Tolkien universe. The chances are at least very slim that Warner Bros will green-light any further movies by Peter in the Tolkien universe.

    I think it’s good that Peter want to make and include as much as possible as there probably wont be many Tolkien movies or such content in the future.

    And besides, this is Peter Jackson. He’s not going to disappoint. We all want more of him and he is telling us he is giving us more. And not only more, but more Tolkien!

    The fact that these news are receiving mixed reviews is what is worrying me.

  • Reyes Sebastian

    I totally agree with your point of view

  • Reyes Sebastian

    absolutely not
    give some credit to the man

  • mmyudina1989

    3 Movies instead of 2 Is already Christmas? Because that’s is a great present to me from Peter Jackson I have no doubt that it would be GREAT!

  • He’s not only using the Hobbit, but also notes and appendices from Tolkien’s writings. My thinking is that the first and second movies will incorporate not only the tale of the Hobbit, but also the doings of Gandalf and Saruman during that time as Sauron is gaining power. 

    The third movie will probably include the transition from The Hobbit to the LOTR, and the rise of Mordor. 

  • Bbarker

    People need to realize that the LOTR movies were “only” 3 films becuase they were made that way. They could have easily been 4-6 films! Thus, the idea of 3 films for the FULL tale of the Hobbit is not that big of a stretch. If they are even close to the quality of LOTR, then bring it on! 

  • Matias Nicolas Tartara

    ujuuuuuu!!!!!    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 3!!!!!   yeaaaaaaaaah!!!

  • Matias Nicolas Tartara

    very very interesting question!!!!

  • Dasha

    I highly respect Peter as a film maker. Seeing what he did with the Lord of the Rings was fantastic. That kind of quality production on that scale and with that many fan expectations to win is something that’s rarely done right and he nailed it. I’m sure whatever he does will be amazing because he’s proven himself aready with 11 Oscars out of 12 for one film alone. Even though it’s not just the director who makes a movie, the inspiration and motivation of a great director like him spreads out to everyone involved, making it a masterpiece. I’m sure all three Hobbit films will be just that.

  • Golfproscott

    Totally Awesome.  Then comes the 12 movie series of The Silmarillion !!!!

  • Adam_b

    If it’s as good as the lord of the rings was i give it a resounding HELL YES!

  • Guest

     Agreed, I have heard and believe myself that the third movie will be like prequel to LOTR – perfect

  • mademoiselle

    My feelings’re mixed about this subject. On the one side, I’m fan of Tolkien’s books and Jackson’s films about the Middle-Earth and I’m waiting for “The Hobbit” films because they should be great (I’ve seen all videos in Peter’s blog) but on the other side, I can’t imagine three “The Hobbit” movies. I can’t imagine the beggining and the end of each film. Well, I hope when I see all three films I won’t be dissappointed.

  • Rushy

    Fill yer boots Peter!

  • °°Elbereth°°

    Without question, Peter Jackson is the best director to make it happen, I’m sure this story would never be shown as it is: Incredible. I love LOTR and he was the best person to bring this dream to life

  • Roman Juranek

    Peter Jackson knows what he is doing and if Hobbit will be better as trilogy, let be trilogy. 

  • Author Steven

    Because there is an additional 300 pages of notes and appendix and things from Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit is much more strait forward (ie less purple prose and descriptions), so one could cut down the plots of the two trilogies to the same or nearly the same length.  

  • Author Steven

    I’ve made a general outline and I now know almost exactly how Peter Jackson will split the films up and what they will include and entail! I’d bet on it! 😀

  • Callum

    Well a lot was cut from the lord of the rings books. Also a lot of the stuff mentioned in the hobbit was only really expanded on in Tolkiens notes and additional lore. A lot of other stuff is happening in middle earth outside of Bilbos story.

  • Frodo

    Post where you think they will cut off on here for us to see what you think!! 🙂

  • Lakesider34

    Should be no fear as the movie can draw from more than one book. There is soo much material in the history timeline leading up to the Hobbit, and the time after Bilbo’s adventure before the start of the Lord of the Rings.

  • Lakesider34

    Ageed! and that’s just a small period of time at the end of the Third age. Which was a time of fading for the Elves in Middle-earth!

  • Cassidy111

    Now we consider Lord of the Rings THREE of the best movies ever made.

  • Megan

    Honeslty, I think this will be amazing. We’ve already seen the marvelous work Peter’s done with LOTR, so I expect nothing but the best for The Hobbit. Having three more movies added to the LOTR legacy will be spectacular. Plus, how many people even know about the appendicies and whatnot?

  • babywithabazooka

    well said, actually his success with LOTR is the reason why he is able to take this chance and expand the hobbit and associated material into 3 movies. Had the Hobbit been his first shot we would be looking at perhaps just one movie.  He has shown us his metal and his devotion I was a bit cynical myself at first but there is a lot of material and I trust this guy not to do a Lucas. When it comes around even the naysayers will be excited there’s a 3rd movie.  
    They’re fans too, they won’t be able to help themselves!! Bring it PJ!!

  • Terence

    Great point! PJ isn’t aiming at kids for sure though. His mature audience would HATE that and he’d lose his cred.  But you are right, The Hobbit was for kids and 1 movie could absolutely do it.
    I ain’t complaining one bit though. I’m always 12 when I go to the cinema.   Bring it Mr J!

  • Terenceboyle

    He got a lot os sh1tt for trying to make the first movie 3. From the studios though. Its testimony to the man that he won it then and got to make 3. We should trust him some. It sounds like his decision not the studios and they are the ones who are prob interested in just the money. PJ  is all about the story. If its done well they deserve to make money anyway. But he has nothing to prove. Personally I just think he likes two trilogies. 3 and 2 just don’t work lol. 

  • babywithabazooka

    Dude just loves the story and prob likes symmetry. Two trilogies beats 3 + 2 anyday 🙂 He got flack then and he was right. He’ll be right this time too.   And all the geeks will love the fact that there’s two collectors edition boxsets looking all evened up on their shelves, when they have queued all night to buy the final product of what is going to be absolutely amazing. 
    Trust him will ya…!?    He has nothing to prove except how much he loves this shit,… all over again.

  • copierguy

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    Three movies fine, more the better. My concern is the 3D aspect of the movies. I have yet to see a movie where 3D added to the story telling. My experience is that it gets in the way and distracts.

    Will there be 2D versions for home DVD viewing?


  • Messengerofthegods

    Every time there is a DVD release for a film, it will always come out in 2D.

  • alotrfan


  • Judy Boyer

    Was ever, ever, so very happy to hear that Peter Jackson will be making a THIRD MOVIE!!!!! I now have so much more to look forward to!!!!! Thanks so much to Peter & all who said, YES!!!!! Judy Boyer