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The Time Has Come for The Hobbit…Finally

the hobbit movie premiere

The time is finally here!  After what seems like a century, the world will be able to view the first of three installments of The Hobbit movie this week.  It seems like it was just yesterday, whispers of a Hobbit movie were uttered, only to get shot down by Peter Jackson and production companies.

Then, Tolkien fans were excited to find out that Guillermo Del Toro had signed on to be the director for a Hobbit movie.  Even with an announcement, The Hobbit’s fate was in jeopardy when production companies behind the film had credit problems during the financial crisis.  It’s hard to count how many red and green lights were given to production for that time.

Guillermo stepped down to pursue other projects, and Peter Jackson himself stepped up to the plate to complete his Tolkien film set.  Fast forward a couple years, and here we are, ready to view the first film.

It has been quite the roller coaster, almost like a journey in itself, but that seems fitting for a film like The Hobbit to have to endure such a test before reaching the end goal.

We hope all of you are able to find a theatre this week to see this film.  Be ready for the chills from Lord of the Rings to return as you step foot back into Peter Jackson’s wonderful cinematic display of Middle Earth.  Please share your pictures and experiences with your first viewing with the site, as we will be responding to our fans.  Good luck and Enjoy!

  • antialisa

    Except of course that in Australia we can’t see it until December 26th 🙁

  • Pedro

    Como en Puerto Rico digan que se estrena el dia 13 pero no se dara asta el 14. (How Caribbean Cinema in Puerto Rico tell in your page the Hobbit can view 13 wen star in 14) I don’t understand.

  • went to see the hobbit this morning and im still blown away 8 hours later.absolutey awesome!the dwarves are great,the awks are terrifying and the goblins are…well…gobliney.i will probably have nightmares about gollum bashing a goblin’s head in with a rock but im still going to see it again next week incase i missed anything.well worth the wait.

  • Went to see this last night. Best film I’ve seen in a long time. Better even than LoTR trilogy. No kdding

  • Elizabeth Bluehorse

    Went to see The Hobbit (part 1) today – awesome, amazing, well done, finely acted, just great!!!!!