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The Official Hobbit Cast

Martin Freeman Hobbit casted

Well, after years of rumors, we can finally map out who we will be seeing in The Hobbit movies.  Much of the names are ones that we had already confirmed from rumors, but others were a surprise.  Here is the updated list.

Martin Freeman – Bilbo Baggins
This was of course one we expected.  The English actor most recently played Dr. John Watson in the BBC television series “Sherlock.”  Freeman should be a perfect fit for Bilbo and definitely has big shoes to fill for the character (no pun intended).

Richard Armitage – Thorin Oakenshield
For all you Hobbit readers, you know that Thorin is an important role in the story and will be a character with a lot of personality.  Strangely enough, Armitage started his career by joining the circus, but then went on to find quite a lot of success in acting and musical theater.  There are probably many that don’t know Armitage going into the film, but you will know him coming out of it.

Rob Kazinski – Fili
The English actor and model is most widely known for his role in The BBC soap opera, “EastEnders.”  When seeing Kazinski, it quickly becomes clear of how he can pull off the part as a mischief Dwarf, getting himself into trouble.

Aidin Turner – Kili
The Irish film and television actor is most well known for his role in “Being Human,” where he plays the role of a vampire. This will be interesting to see how Turner fits in with his character, as much of his experience thus far would probably not be closely related to that of a funny Dwarf.

John Callen – Oin
Not much is known about this voice over actor, however, many good things have been said about him already.

Graham McTavish – Dwalin
Another experienced English actor who bears a lot of energy when acting. In fact, McTavish has played the role of a Drill Sergeant a couple times in shows. This should be a great part for him.

Stephen Hunter – Bombur
Hunter has a lot of experience in comedy and has considered himself a “class clown” since grade school. This should fit in perfectly with Bombur and I’m sure we’ll have some laughs as a result.

Peter Hambleton – Gloin
The New Zealand native has extensive experience in acting in TV. Hambleton is excited to take on the big screen and his resume speaks for himself.

Mark Hadlow – Dori
Hadlow and Jackson have worked together on a few projects in the past. Hadlow is probably most well known for his part as Harry in King Kong. The actor/comedian also recently vocalized that he was contacted and told not to sign any contracts when it was rumored he was being casted for the movie. As a response, Hadlow said, “No one tells me where I can or can’t work.”

At this point, it is rumored that Bill Nighy will be the voice of Smaug, which would be a great addition to an already strong cast.

So there you have it (along with of course Ian Mckellen and company who was already confirmed in the film).  More official casting news will trickle along the way, but many of the big names have been filled.  We will continue to keep you updated as more news comes to surface.

  • Ingrid

    I like the news!! I hope Bill Nighy will be Smaug. His voice is perfect. I love the cast……love them all!! Thank you for this wonderful news…I am happy again!!

  • Adonis

    yo quiero estar en el casting