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The Newest Hobbit Movie Poster

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Gimli was hardly the face of The Lord of the Rings movies, although playing a delightful, comic relief role in the movies.  However, his ancestors will be front in center in the upcoming Hobbit movies.  This is proven by the most recent released movie poster, which features all 13.

Readers of the book will know that each dwarf comes with their own unique personality, which is sure to be displayed in the movie.  Managing all of these personalities on screen, no doubt, is a difficulttask, so it will be interesting to see the final result.

Which is your favorite Dwarf?  Share below and why!

the hobbit dwarves
  • Paul Zildjian

    My Favorite is Thorin, Fili and Kili. And Bombur, because he is so funny, he is always thinking about food.

  • mrsrimmer

    Fili and Kili definitely are my favourites.

  • JessB

    My favourite dwarves are Fili and Kili, because of their devotion to Thorin, their uncle.
    Thanks for sharing this poster, but just a quick heads up that the phrase is ‘front and centre’. Thanks again for sharing, guys

  • Dunarwen

    My favorite is Dori, because he is so kind to Bilbo, even though he causes problems!

  • Monroid

    What the heck are those tattoos on Dwalin’s head?!

  • Tolkien Addict

    Most of them look great but I have a problem with Kili (not in the book but the way he is portrayed in the poster). He looks more like an Elf than a Dwarf! Did someone in the makeup department get confused? Dwarves are supposed to be barrel-chested, with thick solid features. Kili looks positively svelt and with human or (horror of horrors) elven features. Abomination!