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The Hobbit Movies Update

The Hobbit MoviesAs any true Hobbit or JRR Tolkien fan knows by now, New Line Cinema is well on its way to releasing the popular JRR Tolkien novel “The Hobbit” to the big screen.  The project was rumored to be coming forward for years, but legal disputes and ongoing banter continued to push back production.  Finally, somewhat peace has been restored and the films are moving forward…for now.

New Line Cinema is doing a good job of keeping most of the details confidential, but there are certain things we know, thanks to the help of some loose tongues.  First of all, it is confirmed that Ian Mckellan (Gandalf) will return for the roles.  It is also rumored (pretty much confirmed) that Hugo Weaving (Lord Elrond), Cate Blanchett (Galadriel), and Andy Serkis (Gollum).  Though it continues to remained “rumored”, many of the cast are beginning to openly discuss their excitement about the movie.

When the movie was officially announced, it was also announced that Peter Jackson would not be directing them, due to prior obligations with other films.  He would, however, be brought on, with the rest of his crew, to write the scripts for the film.  After some collaberation, it was decided that two movies (The Hobbit Part 1 & 2) would be made.  To make it even more exciting, it was shortly after announced that Guillermo Del Toro (director of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy 2) would be the one chosen to direct the films.  He has always been a fan of the Tolkien novels and fantasy, which shows in his movies.

The movie will once again be shot in New Zealand, to keep the “Middle Earth” feel that we all received during The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Del Toro has openly discussed his plans to give the movies much the same feel we got from The Lord of the Rings, as to make them seamlessly go hand and hand.  This has been the big criticism of The Star Wars movies, which is that there is a distinguishing difference between movies 3-6 and the newly made trilogy.  Jackson and Del Toro will do all they can to keep the magic.

Filming has continued to be pushed back to now what is estimated to be towards the end of 2010.  Much like Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit movies will be shot consecutively, as to minimize time in between film releases.  As of now, The Hobbit Part 1 is set to release in 2012, with Part 2 just under a year after.  As we know, Jackson tends to be a perfectionist when treating these movies ( as he should be), so I would not be surprised to see some delays.  We will keep you posted.