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The Hobbit Movie to Premiere in New Zealand

The Prime Minister of New Zealand and Peter Jackson held a joint press conference to give quite the announcement, which has Kiwi’s cheering all across the world.  Peter Jackson announced that the world premiere of The Hobbit will be held in New Zealand late next year.  He said due to the acceptance of the people of New Zealand with the movies, it only makes sense to host first movie there.

Despite much controversy that has been ensuing around the Hobbit films and labor disputes, the Prime Minister embraced the opportunity to have the premiere, saying it will bring people from all across the world to New Zealand.

Also in the interview, Peter Jackson does add that they “are on schedule,” which is always a good sign.  He even says they have room for error.  You can watch the interview below.

  • Kokakelly

    Peter Jackon gained weight again. 

  • Michelle

    Fantastic for New Zealand. As an Australian, I couldn’t be happier for them! Poor Peter Jackson, he seems to have gained all of his weight back…this is already taking a severe toll on his health! Poor bloke. He needs a Mummy to look after him!

  • Bobbi

    when he is a bit round – he is a better film maker.  King Kong could have been so much better – and don’t even start me on District 9 . . .