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The Hobbit Movie Hits The Red Carpet in New Zealand

hobbit red carpet

Well folks, the time has come.  The Hobbit has officially kicked off with its Official Red Carpet Premiere in New Zealand.  Hopefully you were able to tune into the Live feed that Warner Brothers hosted, but don’t worry, if you were not able to, we have it for you right here.

What a great event.  Be warned, after watching it, you will want to rush out and see it tonight.  All the stars and staff from the movie were on hand on the red carpet to give their interviews and talk about the magic in returning to Middle Earth to make The Hobbit movies.  Peter Jackson gives an inside look into the filming process and the new technology used and how he believes it will be a wonderful change to cinema.  So watch below and see Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, Cate Blanchett and more!  What do you think?


  • cant wait to see this movie so pumped been waiting half my life

  • YAY watchin this in Oslo, Norway hurra!!!

  • Watching from sweden! Awesome, Goosebumps all the way!

  • Kristian Dyg

    Watching from Denmark !

  • Argaliad

    Watching from Greece!!!

  • Victoria Evenstar

    Greetings from Chile, it’s a wonder… New Zeland, The Hobbit, Middle Earth….. like a dream come true, they must to do The Silmarillon., and I die in completely peace

  • Roman

    Regards from Poland 🙂

  • Argaliad

    Α Children of Hurin Film would be Fantastic aswell!!!

  • Gilthoniel

    Watching from the Netherlands, bought two tickets already, one for the premiere aaaand one for the IMAX. <3 cannot wait to see!

  • Webia Black

    Watching from Canada! Long live the Tolken series <3

  • frank

    viendo y esperando el 13/12 desde argentina

  • Alexsara

    watching for Lac Beauport , Canada. Will visit New Zealand one day…and Hobbit town.

  • Michelle

    The memories of attending The Return of the King in Wellington are rushing back…celebrating Hobbitmania!

  • Oh, I prefer to watch the movie before nothing ^^

    Expecting the 13th in Chile! 😀

  • It’s STILL just those FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES! C’mon guys, don’t promise, and I quote, the “FULL STREAM” when it’s just this?