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The Hobbit Has Green Light…Or Does It?

Hobbit 3D

Rumors close to sources today announced that indeed production plans for The Hobbit movies are still going forward, despite delay rumors due to MGM debt problems.  The MarketSaw blog, an avid 3D blogger and fan of The Hobbit Movies, reported that a good source stated, “the usual 3D technical suspects have been rounded up… so I would bank on it.”

So, not only does it look like the November beginning shoot date is still as planned, but that they will be shooting the movies in 3D, which is a bonus.  I am sure Smaug will be a bit more fierce coming at audiences in 3D.  So, for all of you Hobbit fans who have been worried the past few weeks that once again we would hear from Peter Jackson that the green light has still not been given, it looks like we are back on schedule!

**Update- There have been other sources saying that no such green light has been given on production.  In deed, things have been done to suggest that production is still underway, but that there has been no “official” green light from MGM.  Also, other sources suggest that The Hobbit will most likely NOT be shot in 3D, due to increased budget costs and further delays in production.  We will keep you posted, but it seems to remain a mystery!!!