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The Hobbit Gearing Up For Big Premiere

Summer has officially ended, ushering in Fall.  With Fall comes one more season closer to the December release date of the first Hobbit movie, “An Unexpected Journey.”

With the premiere right around the corner, Hobbit byproducts are coming to surface:

Hobbit Video Games

San Francisco game maker, Kabam, has been contracted to make TWO Hobbit games that should be available among multiple computer and mobile platforms.  The games The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth for mobile, and The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, are set to be released this Fall, ahead of the movie premiere.  Better yet, these games will be FREE.

Not much is known regarding the content of the games, but as is anything Tolkien related, we are sure to get a treat with the games and online interaction.

Hobbit Toys Revealed

Images on new Hobbit toys are surfacing, which is beginning to generate a lot of buzz.  The one above most, is that of Tauriel, who is played by Evangeline Lilly in the movie.  Tauriel is a character not found in the original novel, and was created by Peter Jackson for the movies.  The hunch is that there will be a romantic role involving Lilly, much like Aragorn and Arwen, which was a big hit in the Lord of the Rings movie.  Romance sells right?  Here is a sneak of what the new character will look like:

In other news, The Queen of England has selected The Hobbit: An Unexpeted Journey as the Royal’s Film Performance feature.  Only one is selected this year, and The Hobbit will be the one.  Having royalty at any event is sure to generate a lot of buzz.  Many thought that the new James Bond film would be selected, however, The Hobbit takes the cake!

Lastly, we celebrated Bilbo Baggins 75th birthday last week honoring the JRR Tolkiens legendary novel.  Hopefully, many of you were able to participate in your own way.  Stay tuned for more Hobbit news!


  • Didn’t
    Evangeline Lilly say that were not gonna be any romance between her and Legolas? And if not Legolas, then who?

  • Monroid

    I bet they’ll make her and Thorin be love buds

  • Why for valars sake does any female appearance in the movies always lead to ready-for-romance-nincompoopness? Maybe she’s the best skilled archer in the history of Middle-Earth? Get your brains three feet up!

  • khalleron

    I always assumed since PJ stated that she was NOT Legolas’s love interest that she was going to be his sister.

  • in half the world including New Zealand (middle earth) we are heading into summer!

  • Mark Chapman

    Are you kidding! they have to add characters that weren’t in the book! WHY! Well I sure hope they put in all the details from the book, even if they do add extra crap…