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The Hobbit at Comic Con

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We know, the title is confusing.  As we reported earlier, The Hobbit was not “officially” represent in this year’s Comic Con, which concluded today in San Diego.  Prior to the beginning of the conference, Peter Jackson announced that indeed The Hobbit would not be at this year’s Comic Con, but to look forward to next year.  However, there was much talk of The Hobbit throughout the conference.

Firstly, TORn had a great “Hobbit Talk” panel, in which they discussed many of the updated Hobbit news and information.  Guillermo Del Toro was present at The Con, hosting his Film District panel, which included him and some of his cast and crew from Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark as well as some of the cast and crew from the upcoming movie Drive.  Del Toro, of course, was first chosen to direct the new Hobbit movies before Jackson, but left due to continual delays to production.  Del Toro still has the best love and wishes for the movie and said he knows it will turn out great.  There will still be plenty of Del Toro’s influence in the movies and you should be able to recognize plenty of the Del Toro like creatures throughout the film.

Interestingly enough, The Hobbit also came up during the “Adult Swim” panel, in which introduced its newest series to be released soon, which is a parody of CSI.  During the panel, they actually shot a portion of an upcoming episode, in which one of the characters claimed to have secret footage of The Hobbit movie and that he was going to show it.  However, he refuses to show it in San Diego and says that he will only show it in Canada… Yes, random we know, but we appreciate the shout out to the movie.

Lastly, we were fortunate enough to catch up with John Noble and Andy Serkis, who many know of their roles in The Lord of the Rings movies (see picture below).  John Noble is obviously doing quite well in his major role in “Fringe”, and of course, Serkis remains busy in New Zealand acting and assistant directing in The Hobbit.  Serkis informed us that things are going very well with The Hobbit movie and assured us that “you will not be disappointed…The Hobbit is going to be great.”  It was great catching up with Andy and thank him again for taking time out to talk with us.  Next year we look forward to much more of a Hobbit presence at Comic Con!

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  • Michelle

    Well, I am sorry that everyone was unable to make Comicon, but to those of us who live ‘down under’ in Australia and New Zealand, it is no great loss. Maybe Comicon should come ‘down’ to us for a change? As LOTR is already filming , it would kill two birdswith one stone! 

    Just a thought…