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New Hobbit Production Video #7 Released

Well the time has come for yet another behind the scenes Hobbit production video narrated by no other than Peter Jackson himself.  This time, Jackson takes us on a tour of the Hobbit studio and introduces many Hobbit guests along the way.  The video is a magical experience as all of the production videos have […]


Hobbit Production Video #5 Released!

And if the Official Hobbit Trailer release wasn’t enough for Hobbit fans.  Peter Jackson dropped even more Christmas gifts for Hobbit fans, by releasing the 5th “Behind the Scenes” Hobbit Production Video.  As always, the video is fantastically done and gives fans a peak into production to see just how the magic works in Middle […]


Official Hobbit Trailer Released!

Well, the long wait is over.  Peter Jackson and company have finally given Tolkien fans all across the world something to gnaw on in anticipation for The Hobbit movies.  The Hobbit officially released the first Hobbit Trailer over the internet, giving fans who didn’t want to wait until Tin Tin opened the opportunity to get […]


Peter Jackson Releases 3rd Hobbit Production Video Blog

Peter Jackson delivered both bad and good news this evening to Hobbit fans around the world. First, Jackson squelched any rumors that The Hobbit would be making surprise visit to San Diego for this weekend’s Comic Con, where Peter Jackson is a known a fan of.  He said that Warner Brothers fully supported a panel […]


Peter Jackson Releases 2nd Hobbit Production Video Blog

The Gods of Middle Earth have blessed us all with yet another Hobbit production “behind the scenes” video commentary, hosted by Director, Peter Jackson. A few months ago, Jackson released the first video, which featured much of pre-production shots and glimpses of Bilbo’s house as the cast did script reading an blocking. The second video […]


Ian McKellen says Big Hobbit Announcement is “Imminent”

Unsettling nerves continues to surface among Tolkien fans around the world as no official update has been given regarding the future of the project.  To make things worse, it was officially announced that MGM has cancelled the production of the next James Bond movie which was the other big blockbuster that they were clinging to […]