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Hobbit Death Threats

As tension was building during the labor negotiations in regards to the location of production of The Hobbit, threats began to pile up.  In fact, it still remains a problem. Union bosses and actors contacted the police, after receiving multiple death threats in response to the instigated boycott performed against The Hobbit movies.  The dispute […]


Hobbit Stays in New Zealand

Breaking news hit headlines today when it was announced that production of The Hobbit movies would indeed remain in New Zealand.  After a few days of negotiations behind closed doors, it was announced today that an agreement had been made and production would continue on.  The announcement is great news for fans of the movies […]


The Official Hobbit Cast

Well, after years of rumors, we can finally map out who we will be seeing in The Hobbit movies.  Much of the names are ones that we had already confirmed from rumors, but others were a surprise.  Here is the updated list. Martin Freeman – Bilbo Baggins This was of course one we expected.  The […]


Ian McKellen says Big Hobbit Announcement is “Imminent”

Unsettling nerves continues to surface among Tolkien fans around the world as no official update has been given regarding the future of the project.  To make things worse, it was officially announced that MGM has cancelled the production of the next James Bond movie which was the other big blockbuster that they were clinging to […]


Del Toro Officially Says Farewell to The Hobbit

Over the weekend, ex-Hobbit Director, Guillermo Del Toro, wrote a farewell note to followers and fan of The Hobbit. Such a move shows the dedication and integrity of the man, who was quite excited to be the creative cinematic mind behind the already magical Tolkien novel. As delays piled up, Del Toro’s commitment to the […]


The Hobbit Has Green Light…Or Does It?

Rumors close to sources today announced that indeed production plans for The Hobbit movies are still going forward, despite delay rumors due to MGM debt problems.  The MarketSaw blog, an avid 3D blogger and fan of The Hobbit Movies, reported that a good source stated, “the usual 3D technical suspects have been rounded up… so […]