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Peter Jackson talks about 48 film speed

David German from Associated Press writes about The Hobbit movie and statements about the new 48 film speed from Peter Jackson at Sundance. PARK CITY, Utah – (AP) — Peter Jackson is making his hobbits and dwarves march double-time in his “The Lord of the Rings” prequel, which he’s shooting in a faster film speed […]


Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood talk Hobbit at Sundance

MTV met up with Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood at the Sundance film festival and they each had a few words to say about the Hobbit movies. They assured, as it seems to be a pressing topic lately, the brighter tone and comical theme of The Hobbit will be balanced with the dark themes of […]


Elijah Wood talks about the hobbit at sundance

The Salt Lake Tribune got a few statements from The Lord of the Rings star. Scott D. Pierce writes: Elijah Wood is at Sundance because he’s got a small role in the film “Celeste and Jess Forever.” That comedy was written by Wood’s pal, Rashida Jones, who also stars. “And she asked me to do […]