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Gandalf Without Ian McKellen

Could you imagine it?  It is hard to even think of anyone else wearing those white or gray robes and uttering the wizard spells with such force as does Ian McKellen.  However, it was a close reality when The Hobbit movies were first being discussed.  Sir Ian was reluctant to return to Middle Earth and […]


Set Pictures and Thoughts From Ian Mckellen

Yesterday, Hobbit fans were blessed with a gift from Peter Jackson, which was a 10 minute behind the scenes video of The Hobbit set, with Peter Jackson himself hosting it.  Just that glimpse brought back those old familiar feelings when he first took us to Middle Earth with Lord of the Rings. Jackson isn’t the […]


Ian Mckellen Reunites With Gandalf

Hobbit production continues to move forward with proof from our latest post showing leaked production pictures that showed to the world. In addition to that, Ian Mckellen has once again started blogging about his reunion with Gandalf and what it has been like.  It’s amazing to think that there was a slight possibility that […]


Ian Mckellen and Andy Serkis Are Now Official

As we reported last week, the official word for Ian Mckellen and Andy Serkis joining the Hobbit cast was imminent, and today it became official.  The studio announced the news shortly after the news broke that Elijah Wood was returning as Frodo, despite never making an appearance in the Book. Specifics about the delay in […]


McKellen Near Hobbit Signing and Hobbit Firings

We have heard that sources are claiming that an official signing of Ian McKellen to the role of Gandalf should be completed shortly.  Tolkien fans around the world gasped when they saw that Sir Ian McKellen’s name was not listed as the “official casted” members who were signed to be in the Hobbit.  This was […]