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Stephen Fry, Conan Stevens, and Ryan Gage Join Hobbit Cast

stephen fry

Peter Jackson announced that Stephen Fry has officially joined The Hobbit movie cast and will be playing the role of the Master of Laketown.  Fry’s personality should match perfectly with the enthusiastic Master of Laketown character that is depicted in the book.  This is an exciting announcement considering the abilities Fry possesses.

In addition to the above casting news, Peter Jackson also announced that Conan Stevens would be joining the Hobbit Cast as the role of Orc Azor.  Stevens is a 7 ft actor who is best known as Gregore Clegane in the Game of Thrones.

Thirdly, Jackson also announced that previously casted Ryan Gage, who was set to play the role of Drogo Baggins, would be promoted up to the much more active part of the Master of Laketown’s civil servant, Alfrid.  Gage has to be pleased with the promotion as he should get much more exposure within the Hobbit movie.

There are still plenty of other roles that still need filling so we will make sure to keep you posted on all Hobbit updates.

  • Amethystcrystal2011

    Oohh i just cannot wait for this film :o)  

  • hobby

    Comedy comes naturally to Stephen Fry. perhaps we will see him bring some humour to this role. As The Hobbit book is filled with both dark humour, light humour, or just humour itself.

  • Vicodin

     Why not included Hugh Laurie too? 🙂

  • carlstev

    the first thing that jumped in my mind too, lol

  • Jeff Phillips

    I am a huge Stephen Fry fan, have seen him on Bones(TV show) and in movies – a good character actor!!!

  • Friend of Frodo

    Oh yeah, I’d love to see Hugh Laurie as one of the ‘evil’ characters. He is such a quality actor that he could do anything and make it look like it’s completely natural.

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  • SomeGuy

    Conan Stevens is beast

  • SomeGuy

    Conan Stevens is beast