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Stephen Fry Bashing New Zealand Internet via Twitter

Stephen Fry, who was recently in Wellington on set for The Hobbit, posted on Twitter about the quality of internet access in New Zealand. His comments have created quite a media stir in the last few days. The tweet read, “Rise up, Kiwis and demand better? You wouldn’t allow crap roads with pot holes and single file.” He later tweets, “I know, it’s feeble to moan. I’m on set now. It’s 6:15 and the wifi here is good. But I have so many videos and sound files to upload.”

Should this actor’s troubled wireless experience mean the internet provided in Middle Earth is sub-par?

Fry’s spokesperson said Fry was working from another residence in Wellington when he was unaware the broadband data cap was surpassed for the basic plan the home owners were on. This is what caused his broadband connection diminish to a lower speed.

  • AL

    I have to live with high data caps, low speeds and high internet prices everyday in NZ.
    Fry’s right.

  • Data CAPS? That seems criminal. I’m sure it is more of a technological limit, but still! It limits information!

  • Jason M

    I have to agree here!
    NZ internet is sub par go to Aus and you can get 200-400gig plans for the same price (if not cheaper) than our 40-60gig plans……..

    The monopolization is strong in this country 🙁

  • Jayfs88

    Dosent matter where you are, the internets either slow, not working or a rip-off

  • Iopenshaw

    I don’t know about Oz but it doesn’t seem too pricey for, say, 10Gb, here. Speed is probably the main problem with a lack of infrastructure, once you get out of the cities. I applied for broadband in the Northland, 18 months ago. No ports available in the nearest box: still number 56 in the queue….. got a longwave link, instead: Ubergroup, very helpful. No, I don’t work for them….

  • saRA-Lookaround

    How sad when people bang at the wrong door. Why saying that Fry spoke crap of New Zealand when all he said was that New Zealand Telecom is actually crap! Come on… Not even in Sicily we have data caps and unlimited broadband here doesn’t cost so much though we too have our tech problems… And we’re really the last piece of Europe!!!

  • Richard Hogg

    Fry is right we need to rise up against the rip off bastards, I lived in UK for a number of years, we had cheap fast uncapped internet unlike back home where these greedy tossas brain wash the public into thinking they are getting a good deal whist completely fleecing you with their crap internet plans.