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Special Hobbit Movie Screening

hobbit bag is reporting a possible scenario in which precious minutes of The Hobbit movie may have been previewed during the MIPCOM trade show held in Cannes, France this past week.  One of their content writers had posted the following report:

 “At MIPCOM, a television trade show held in Cannes on October 3 to 6, this great bag with an image of Bilbo was being given away. It’s trademarked by New Line Cinema and MGM. Rumor has it that a few minutes of footage from THE HOBBIT were also screened!”

MIPCOM is an entertainment and television trade show, in which many of the producers and distributors are present.  This type of scenario makes even a greater probability that the screening did take place, considering the presence of both studio execs and potential distributors for Hobbit swag as we approach the first release of the movie next year.

What we know for sure are the bags shown above were given as a take home gift.

Excitement for the movies continues to grow and we are expecting a new video update from Peter Jackson himself very shortly, hoping to fill some Hobbit appetites for fans for the time being.

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  • Ok,I live in Brazil and I feel sad…I wish I could have one of those bags :(….I’m a lotr fan since I was 7 [now I’m 17 :D] and…OMG I’M SO SAAAAAAAAAAAD!!