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Set Pictures and Thoughts From Ian Mckellen

hobbit set pics

Yesterday, Hobbit fans were blessed with a gift from Peter Jackson, which was a 10 minute behind the scenes video of The Hobbit set, with Peter Jackson himself hosting it.  Just that glimpse brought back those old familiar feelings when he first took us to Middle Earth with Lord of the Rings.

Jackson isn’t the only one giving updates.  Ian Mckellen is also doing a great job of capturing his journey along the way as he returns as Gandalf and sharing his experience with his fans.  As you can see from the pictures he took, he is enjoying New Zealand.

In addition to his pictures, Mckellen also had some inside information to share about returning as his character.  He said:

“The original costume I wore in LOTR hangs rather mournfully on a stand by the camera.  I can’t wear it in The Hobbit, because it has been noted “of historic status.”  Ann has made two changes which few may notice but please me because they revert to Tolkien’s introduction in Fellowship of the Ring, where he mentions a silver scarf and black boots.  In the film, a scarf appeared just once, tied to Gandalf’s cart at Hobbiton but oddly not thereafter.  I now have a substantial, magic-looking silvery scarf to wear and act with and perhaps find some part of its own to play.  I’ve already twisted it into a stylish turban.  And, as per JRR Tolkien, below the familiar gown, a new pair of black boots may be spied.  They will not look new of course.  They are riding boots, the sort that can be pulled on in a hurry.  Gandalf is often in a hurry.  His previous boots were laced and needed Emma to get on and off.  Not good for a wizard on the run.  And they were grey not black.

All are nearly content — yet still the nose is not as it was or as it should be, all agree.  Why?  A book is consulted.  A glorious book.  I have it at home, with other LOTR treasures, the farewell present from Philippa and the Jackson’s ten years ago.  It has 100 photographs, iconic and mischievous, a family album of people rather than places.  Gandalf’s nose features in a couple of full-page close-ups.  What’s different to the way I look now?”

These are not the only changes being made to Gandalf.  In fact, Mckellen also talked about the facial hair, giving warning of a SPOILER ALERT, saying (keep in mind the date of this was April 1st ; )   ):

“It’s now been suggested that the wizard’s wig and beard look too scarily hairy. An aside from me has been noted and so Gandalf in The Hobbit is now going to be bald as Patrick Stewart. So much for the wig. Whether the beard is also to be cut, is not yet revealed.”

We are glad to have such an engaged cast and crews of The Hobbit movie who realize the importance of sharing the journey with its fans!

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  • Julian Acosta

    Realmente es imprecionante con la capacidad que se presenta en este video… la energía, el sentido del poder que genera verlos, es motivador!
    si esdla marco un gran período en el cine y la literatura, y yo la llamaría como una trilogía de culto, no necesariamente referída al estilo (épico) sino, en el cine en general. Pero no se deja de lado con los recursos que poseen para este año, no estoy seguro, todabía no la salió. Pero en las manos de ellos…
    estoy seguro que será la pelicula de la época.

  • EHmasterjedi

    gandalf bald WTF movie ruined if thats what is happening

  • Twyn2nd

    Well, since he posted it on April Fools Day……. I’m gonna say it’s not. 🙂

  • Californialady

    No! No! Not bald, it won’t fit with Lord Of The Rings Gandalf’s movie self, and certainly not with Tolkein’s Gandalf nor any other wizard! Please don’t do this.

  • Holly Halsey

    Hmm,. i dont think going bald would work for you sir!

  • dasha

    I agree….it’s not like Peter to stray that far from the basis of the story. Let me just say that I can imagine Gandalf being bald and it could work but I don’t like it at all…..

  • Tbioh

    You can’t make Gandolf bald! I’ve read these boojs for forty years now over and over. Gandolf has never been bald! Follow the story line and don’t make him bald. What is he thinking og?

  • mickey

    Your right No! No! Not bald ever

  • Frealaf Hildeson
  • hobby

    No not bald. Short sides and back will do with a well trimmed beard. Gollum will have to remain bald

  • Olorin

    Bald???!!! I think trimmed would be much better! Don’t get me wrong. I adore Gandalf and always will, bald or not. He’s my very favorite LOTR character in both the books and movie, but I prefer him with hair. Even a little hair would be much better.

  • Tricksyhobbit

    Err…it was an April Fools joke about Gandalf being bald..and the small print above hints that the post was made on April 1st. Rest easy people, there is no way Peter Jackson would have had a hairless Gandalf – not even as a joke!