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Saoirse Ronan is not “Official” and Other Hobbit Changes

saoirse ronan hobbit

Early rumors struck weeks ago of Saoirse Ronan, Peter Jackson’s star of his 2009 movie, “The Lovely Bones,” is not a sure deal for The Hobbit movies.  Rumors circulated that indeed Ronan was casted to play the role of  Itaril.  The actress said the following to The Irish Times:

“No, nothing has actually been confirmed yet.  I’d love to get a role in ‘The Hobbit.  I think everybody in the world would like a role in ‘The Hobbit.'”

We know that indeed there have been talks between Ronan and Hobbit producers, but that full contract details had not been fully decided yet.  This activity is very common when dealing with multiple movie contracts, especially one as popular as The Hobbit is anticipated to be.  We expect more “official” announcements regarding Ronan’s involvement to be released very shortly.

More changes are continuing to happen with The Hobbit movie.  Mount Ngauruhoe, which is the mountain known as Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings series, will not be used as a set for The Hobbit movies. Peter Jackson was denied permission to shoot at the mountain, as it has now been declared “sacred.”  As a result, Jackson is looking at Mount Taranaki and the Southern Alps as possible replacements.

It will be hard to replace that backdrop of Mount Doom.

  • Elfedeseaux

    Oh no! not the same Mount Doom? :O

  • Ennostiel

    it won’t be the same backdrop 🙁

  • but the Lonely Mountain isn’t the same as Mount Doom anyway

  • Kingkarlos1978

    Erebor (la montaña solitaria) y el monte del destino no tienen nada que ver ni se encuentran ni siquiera cerca…

    Otra: Saorsi Ronan tiene unos ojos bellos pero en el libro del Hobitt no hay ni remotamente una heroina elfa… es como si deciden poner a HUan (el perro de valinor) en mitad de la historia…
    Ademas metiendo una elfa se romperia la historia en el bosque negro cuando los elfos del rey trhanduil los encierran por vagar por el bosque y tienen que escapar de las celdas del rey elfo en toneles…

    Que den más papeles a mujeres me parece perfecto más aun si son bellas pero por favor no “jodan” la historia.

  • Anonymous

    The same Mount Doom is expected to be portrayed in most likely The second Hobbit film, as The Battle of 5 Armies will be shown and more transitions into LOTR trilogy. It is this backdrop that will have to be changed, but yes The Lonely Mountain will be a different mountain.

  • Mount Taranaki seems taller and most imposing than Ngauruhoe. It will be a good replacement. I’m glad they’ll not shoot on the same mountain.

    On the other subject, let us start boycotting that Mary Sue character they are trying to include in the story. PJ must know we’re not ok with that raping against Tolkien’s masterpiece.

  • Havoc

    Digital editing of Mount Taranaki to make it look a lot like Mount Ngauruhoe / Mount Doom? XD

  • Dessa

    What? Itaril? D:

  • Boydsey

    !Rumors circulated that indeed Ronan was casted to play the role of  Itaril.”

    Please write good English like what I do!