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Radio Interview With Ian Mckellen & Sylvester McCoy

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Bruce Hopkins, who played Gamling in The Lord of the Rings, contacted us and was nice enough to share a radio show he had with Sir Ian Mckellen and Sylvester McCoy in 2007.  In fact, the group was not planning to be on the show that night and there is a funny story that tells how it all came about.  Below is the story in the words of Bruce Hopkins himself:
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“Sir Ian, Sylvester McCoy and Jonathan Hyde were in town with the Royal Shakespeare Company performing King Lear and The Seagull. I spent time with them, introducing them to the best and most eccentric bar in town called Shanghai Lils, taking them to the beautiful wild west coast Karekare Beach one day ( this is the beach where part of the NZ film The Piano was shot ). I also took them to a small cafe where a mate of mine made the best seafood chowder in town. During this time we agreed I would pick them up from the theatre after their final show and take them to Shanghai Lils for a drink before I had to go and do my overnight radio show. Ian asked if they should come with me to the radio. Of course I was blown away by his offer.

The final night duly arrived and as arranged I took them to the bar. After a couple of hours with them I said goodbye as I had to go do my radioshow with my mate Joe. There was no way I was going to bring up that Ian had said he would come to the radio with me, as they were having a damn fine time as it was. As I said goodbye to Ian, he asked “are we not coming with you? “, this is just one small example of how much integrity this man has!

Fortunately our show producer, Jason Beaumont, upon seeing who turned up with me, had the great sense to record the show.

After listening to it a couple of times recently I realise this needs to be shared, I have edited out the ad breaks and what transpired was truly a brilliant session.
My co host Joe doesn’t play up to the fact that we have 3 of the worlds greatest shakespearean actors in the studio or that one of them happens to be ‘Gandalf’ and another Dr Who! The callers to the show are blissfully unaware who they are chatting to.

My personal highlight…just before they leave the studio Sylvester McCoy plays the spoons while one of our favourite regular callers, 75yr old ‘Leggy Peggy’, plays a medley on her piano, brilliant!!! Peggy passed away in her sleep in 2008 so this is now part of her legacy.

Despite the fact that we were slightly pie eyed from a nice session at the bar there are some really nice insights from these 3 hombres. You just have to excuse me yelling out across the studio throughout, I was jumping off the walls with excitement…and red wine! Sylvester had wanted a copy of this, so who knows he may listen in via this link.”

  • Andreth

    Whatever happened to Gamling in ROTK? We see him fighting oliphants but I
    havn’t been able to spot him again after that.

  • David

    Is it possible to live in Canada but audition for the Elvish riders in The Hobbit? I am not a resident of Wellington…but have extensive experience with Medevil Times (12 years) as a knight /hosreman and showman. I am also 6’4 and fine featured -long blonde hair and very fit. I know all manner of sword play from axe work to long sword to pikes etc…I am excellent with horses. I am 30 years old. Those reading this please forward an email address of casting to my address cheers and a big big thanks 🙂