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Prepare for New Cinematic Look with Hobbit Movies…If You Want

hobbit filming

With The Hobbit movie release right around the corner, Hobbit fans are already buying their tickets to be in line for the first midnight show.  For some of you, you may be opting to view the Hobbit in the groundbreaking 48 FPS playback that will be offered in select theaters.  Warner Bros has been very sensitive to leaving it up to the fan to decide which format they want to see the movie in.  In fact, they have set up a FAQ site for people with questions about the movie’s format.

The great news is, you have choices.  The movie will be released in digital 24fps, 48fps, RealD 3D, RealD 3D IMAX.  Peter Jackson has been trumpeting the new film format of 48 fps, but mixed views were received when a short clip was viewed at a film festival.  The truth is, we have associated cinema or film with the “blurred” look of 24 fps.  In fact, that blur we see, is an imperfection in the film and takes away quality from the actual film.  Many filmmakers are pushing to move the standard to 48fps, in hopes to provide more dynamic contrast to films and better quality.  However, we as humans always resist change.

These movies were also filmed in REALD technology, which is much different than a movie which is post-transposed into 3D.  As was the case with Avatar, this movie was originally filmed in the 3D technology, which should make the result much more clear.  However, many still prefer the standard digital version.

Why not see them all?  We encourage you to step out of the comfort zone and try the new film format.  It will look different, but there will be some beautiful results because of the change.  We want to know which format you prefer!

  • The FAQ link isn’t working

  • Flo

    48fps would be more relevant if it comes with 3D, this is how the movie was shot and it should be respected !

  • SEB

    I thought the new format was awesome!!!! I look forward to more movies using this technology – so REAL.