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Potential Elves Patiently Await at Auditions

hobbit auditions

A few weeks ago we announced the time and place for the latest Hobbit movie audition, in which was to fulfill the need of Elves and Elven Riders.  Due to the response we received, we knew that the the actual audition itself would bring a crowd.  However, the result even exceeded our expectation.

Hundreds were lined up hours before the publicized start time and those who thought they could come a few minutes early to get an early jump on the line were sorely disappointed when they found a line of hundreds already.

Casting directors were very strict on the measurements they were looking and were constantly announcing to the standing crowd that if indeed they did not meet the required measurements in the slightest, they would be denied.  This sent many in heels and thick soles to head for their car, realizing their hope to deceive casting directors had failed.

Once finally inside, the meeting was brief.  Standard measurements were taken of each person as well as standing up to an actual line too see if they met the required height limit, as if they were about to ride a carnival ride (see above picture).  Pictures were then taken of the subjects and then they were asked to leave.  Over two hours of waiting for about two minutes of process.  This is what a chance to be a part of Middle Earth can create.

In other news, Sir Ian Mckellen posted a picture of himself today in Seatoun, New Zealand. He was asked to join Peter Jackson for lunch in his office, so Mckellen opted to walk.  Below is his caption with the picture.

ian mckellen seatoun

“Early I may be, but there’s been plenty to do. Steve my assistant (cook, trainer, driver – as on X-Men2, though we met in Wellington 10 years ago) has seen us into the seaside home 10 minutes drive from the studio in Stone Street.

I woke today to an invitation for lunch with Peter Jackson in his office. The sun was inviting so I walked.” – Sir Ian Mckellen

Is it your dream to be a cast in The Hobbit?  Discuss on our message board what would be your dream part in the upcoming movies!

  • It’s so sad: too tall to be a hobbit, too small to be one of the elves. Can I have the job as the volunteer who makes coffee for Ian McKellen?

  • Valoren

    Blessings and hope for all the people in New Zealand…we suffered a terrible earthquake in Chile last year, im sure you will get up!

  • Audrey

    I’d love to be in The Hobbit. I was going to try to make it to the elven casting because I legitly fulfill the requirements, although I live in California. Airfare and travel expenses were too much. I would be happy to just be an elven extra. I’d be happy with just an opportunity to meet the cast and the executive and producing team!

  • Heidi

    Twas indeed a long queue for a short 2 mins but well worth it and met some nice people while waiting in queue 🙂 Wonder when people will find out if they have a part 😛

  • Paula

    I’d give anything to work as a special effects makeup artist there!! applying or making pieces!

  • Idrena2004

    Oh just to be one of the elves…Why do I have to live so far away?

  • Salogel

    Hey, if you guys are looking for elf extras, I would love to be.

    I can ride a horse, shoot an arow, do what ever. My hight is 5 foot 3 and have long blond hair, blue eyes, and would like nothing more then to be an elf in the hobbit. please consider me. Even if I can’t be in the Hobbit, I would very much like to help out with it.

    ~Wishful thinking…

  • Salogel

    P.S. i’m 13 years old… dose that efect any chance of me getting in?

    ~Wishful thinking…

  • Katie84uk

    Are there going to be anymore Elf Castings does anyone know, I had to work during the last ones!!!! 

  • Salogel

    Hey, I’ve been told by 5 people now that I look like an elf from Lord of the Rings without them even knowing about my obsession for the movies. Maybe Im a natural, please please consider me.

  • lizzylou

    hey there! my name is liz I am 18 years old usually confused with a 15 year old; i guess its my face features? i dont know but yea I have pale skin dark brown hair and i am 5’0 or 4’9 can’t recall but yea i’d love to be a part of this movie as i’ve loved the trilogy of the lord of the rings i am looking extra foward for “the hobbit” if any casting auditions are available i would love to be part of this (: bye

  • Sarah B

    I am a famous actress still undiscovered.I am looking for a break and know that the hobbit is the movie to get this break in.I am a natural actress and can do all accents and take on any character you wish.My name is Sarah Brown and I live in Tauranga and am born to act.Done heaps of acting.Please contact me for an audition.I am awaiting my destiny.0277668393.I will be waiting.If you know who to contact to get an audition then please send this info. to me.

  • Matheus

    i am short, and i am actor. Perfect to be a hobbit. i gonna be on united states between 21 and 28 July. If there’s some oportunity to can i make an audition, i gonna be very happy.