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Pictures of Frodo in The Hobbit

HObbit Frodo

More and more pictures continue to arise from The Hobbit Movie.  The latest shows Elijah Wood returning as his role of Frodo.  It will be interesting to see how Jackson has chosen to bridge The Hobbit movies with Lord of the Rings.  We have also attached one of our favorite recent pictures of Gandalf.

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hobbit gandalf
  • Frodo is the framing device, can it really be anything else?

  • Alex red

    I believe that frodo should have a bigger part in this movie, which will have people runnin up the stands to buy tickets. Knowing elija wood my favorite character was well known for the making if the central character in The Lord if the rings. I believe frodo having a bigger part will make this movie a greater success, even if it does change the book. Who cares! I want to see more of frodo!!!