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Peter Jackson Hobbit Set
Peter Jackson Hobbit Set

Peter Jackson has finally created his official facebook page in which he will continually post updates and pictures of The Hobbit movie production as it goes along.  Already, he has posted two pictures showing him back in The Shire and what a beautiful scene it is (as seen above).

As we reported, The Hobbit officially began filming yesterday and is still on track to be released in December of 2012.  The cast has completely “Hobbit Bootcamp” and has now begun filming.

Liv Tyler was on air with Ryan Seacrest this morning discussing her father’s role in American Idol.  She also mentioned that she has not been contacted by the Hobbit production in regards to a return to her role as Arwen.  In fact, she even said that she did not know that the movie had begun filming.  She finished by saying she would love to return to New Zealand if she had the chance.  Do not count her out yet.  Even though she said she “didn’t feel optimistic” about being in the films, sources say there is a role for her.  Stay Tuned.


  • Andreas

    Great Peter. I wish you luck. Wished I could help you making this wonderfull movie 🙁

  • Burnespatpat burnes

    cant wait for this film well done

  • Berkero

    bi yapamadınız gitti be 🙂

  • Luiza96_melo

    I really want Liv Tyler to have a role in this film!

  • Sue Graves

    The Living Bridge     Peter Jackson, Check out this bridge!!!  It would be perfect for the movie….in my opinion of course.  Let me know if you like it! 😀