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Peter Jackson Talks About Hobbit Movies

peter jackson hobbit

It’s been quite the exciting time for Hobbit fans, with Peter Jackson releasing both The Hobbit Trailer and recent production video which were both spectacular.  Peter Jackson recently gave his own personal take about what he hopes the Hobbit movies will be like.  In a recent interview he had this to say:

The Hobbit is very much a children’s book and The Lord of the Rings is something else. It’s not really aimed at children at all…I realized the characters of the dwarves are the difference. Their energy and disdain of anything politically correct brings a new kind of spirit to it. And that’s why I thought, OK, this could be fun!

I want it to seem like we’ve gone back on location into Middle Earth — that these two movies feel like they belong at the beginning of the other three, he admitted. We’re the same filmmakers going into the same world.”

Peter Jackson’s wife also chimed in on her thoughts on The Hobbit and said:Jackson’s partner and wife, Fran Walsh, chimes in and gives some clues as to what the second Hobbit film, There and Back Again, might look like.

“We always saw The Hobbit more in the golden light of a fairytale. It’s more playful,” Walsh said. “But by the time you get to the end, Tolkien is writing himself into that place where he can begin that epic journey of writing Lord of the Rings — which took, as he put it, his life’s blood. All those heavier, darker themes which are so prevalent in the later trilogy start to come into play.”

It is easy to tell from listening to Jackson that he is very passionate about The Hobbit movies and is putting all he has into them.  We are excited for the final product at the end of this year.

  • BIG R

    Where did Peter Jackson read anything about Dwarves being full of energy and disdaining things politically correct?  According to JRR they were more dour and brooding than full of energy, anything but the comedy relief Jackson considers them.  Disdaining things politically correct???  I cant even make a guess what he means by that as far as Tolkien’s dwarves are concerned.

  • Butt

    The Dwarves in the Hobbit are written differently than the Dwarves in the Middle Earth mythology. Re-read the book, you’ll see it.

  • Yagi

    How can you even question Peter Jackson’s brilliant take on the Dwarves? Its not something you can just read about but something you can take in your own way and interperate. I don’t think Tolkien wrote an entire world of excellent fantasy to have people like you ruining it for the rest of us. Fantasy is definitley something not to be messed around with as you just have.  

  • Varaeger

    He turned Thorin, a 200 year old dwarf, into a handsome man in his forties. And made the King of the Longbeards sport a goatee. I dont call that a brilliant take on the dwarves…

  • Yagi

    I really don’t think you understand my point. But if thats the way you want to interperate it, thats your choice. And turning Thorin into a handsome man is brilliant because no one expected it and thats may be how Peter Jackson saw him as. If you have a problem with tell Peter.

  • Guest, under Thorin, Altaira’s comments explain very well why the dwarf king may have looked as such

  • Michelle

    Settle down people! Not everything has to be dour and serious! Expand your universe, use your imagination! Failing that, sit back, and enjoy the show! I cannot believe the amount of people who have nothing better to do than complain about how ACCURATELY a dwarf is depicted! Seriously! If it bothers you all that much, stay away in droves and let the rest of us enjoy what promises to be an excellent film. I can’t help but wonder that in light of world events, a dwarf’s beard or lack thereof can change the fate of how a great piece of literature is viewed and loved! 

  • Yagi

    Ok. Not sure what YOUR point was. Have you not read what I told the other two? I went through the link and read what Altaira said and I don’t disagree, it’s just how they’ve INTERPERATED Thorin to be like.

  • Yagi

    OMG! That’s the point I’m trying so hard to drag across. And! I agree with so much of what you just said.

  • Daviddon

    Agreed. If Jackson is to remain true to the book the dwarves will provide some light hearted scenes. In a sense the book, in regard to the dwarves, is not true to everything else JRR wrote about them. I just read the book again, and was surprised how silly they were at times. They are really little more than bratty children, and would never have survived without the timely aid of Gandalf (or Bilbo). They have little in common with the dwarves in the various other books. How do we account for this? We remember that JRR wrote it for kids. Also, we remember that we are supposed to pretend that the story was based on something written by Bilbo. So, he may have put his twist on how things really transpired.

  • Cruzssskm

    Excellent and accurate analysis. I just received The Hobbit for Christmas and the dwarves are sort of … light-hearted! Very different from our hero, Gimli. I’m enjoying, all over again, Tolkien’s first adventure.

  • Ashura

    wtf interPERAted means? you read in a book a guy have a long beard, and it’s described as such a big deal in detail. What’s there to interpret? I don’t mind  the beard thing and i’ll enjoy the movie with or without the beards, but your point makes no sense at all. “I don’t think Tolkien wrote an entire world of excellent fantasy to have people like…” ANYONE changing it because he wants to interpret

  • Yagi

    I don’t think you understand either…I also found it hard to understand what your comment was saying because it was so badly worded…

  • Fred111

    Remember that the Dwarves were given the seven rings by Sauron to enslave them as he did with the nine. But being resilient folk it didn’t work and they just used them to aid their quest to mine riches. This infuriated Sauron and he hated them for it. They were light hearted amongst themselves and stout foes of the orcs but mining was their one and only goal. This story explores both their sides.
    PS. Sauron went to great lengths to reclaim two of their rings out of hatred. But then he realized the two rings were worthless to him and offered them back for news of Baggins.

  • Ashura

    If you saw mistakes on my reply means you understood. I’m not english user so, sue me… btw, you didn’t find it hard, you simply have no argument.

  • Yagi

    Not sure what the first part of that was about but the only reason I comment back is because I love arguments.