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Peter Jackson Shoots Down Hobbit Critics

As we reported a few days ago, 10 minutes of never seen Hobbit footage was previewed at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, which resulted in mixed reviews from the participants.  Many indeed thought the preview was just as expected and beautiful, while there were many who were skeptical of the “new” 48 fps look that Jackson has adopted for the upcoming movies.

Well, Peter Jackson is standing by his decision.  In an interview, here is what Jackson had to say:

“A lot of the critical response I was reading was people saying it’s different,” Jackson said. “Well, yes, it certainly is. But I think, ultimately, it is different in a positive way – especially for 3D – for epic films and films that are trying to immerse the viewer in the experience of a story.”

Jackson’s response resembled our own we added when first reporting the reaction.  Indeed, with any new technology, it can take some getting used to.  The blur of 24 fps that comes with cinema has set a visual standard of what a feature movie should look like.  Unfortunately, that motion blur is actually a negative distortion to original footage, however we have accepted it as a part of the experience.  It is similar to vignette’s with photography, as many are now added in post editing for added effect.

Whatever the case may be, try to fight off the urge to be critical of the new look until we allow our eyes to settle.  In the long run, we will see some incredible cinematic displays that were, prior to the change, unable to produce.  Images will be crisper and movement will look more real like.

What do you think?  Can you change, or would you rather have it be shown in 24fps?

  • Would this be transferable to most movie projectors globally? Some are transferred from digital to film, so some of us MAY not be able to experience the film as intended. But knowing the creative team behind this I’m sure the end product will be spectacular.

  • Bilbo

    Speaking of being critical, there’s a typo in the second to last paragraph, it should be: “Whatever the case may be, try to fight off the urge to be critical of the new look until we allow OUR eyes to settle.” 

  • Marylizlocke

    I don’t care who likes it. I have been waiting after reading the book, and the trilogy, since 1978 for this movie. I say “Bring It On”

  • Fmalacrida

    The world can not stop, nor the film. I believe the new experience that Peter wants to show us. Yes I want a movie at 24fps.

  • Rio

    Given that my eyesight isn’t as good as it was, I’m all for anything that gives a sharper image. These journos are just trying to justify their jobs in an obsolescent profession. I trust Peter’s judgement and I’m sure it will be fabulous.

  • yashz britz

    “once a human talks about something new, human tend to hve high expectations to it”. we talk about 48fps ,which is new, we tend to expect something more, but because this “new things” never meets our expectations, human are subject for critism. 
    BUT WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND that technology develops everyday, we just need an ADOPTATION to the “new things” like 48pfs so that our eyes will be used to it. HOBBIT is a great movie. Be it in 48pfs.

  • Wbonnin

    then you actually want 48 like Peter is going to show it in, right…?

  • human? please shut up

  • yashz britz

    are u an alien or what?..u just don’t know how to appreciate, you only know how to criticize..better go back to school and learn fast,,u r ignorant.

  • Hrolgar

    The speed should be ok but I’m not liking the 3D aspect already… 8(

  • James Stewart

    When cinematography is secondary to shots that emphasize 3D technology, there’s an artistic injustice. And moving the fps away from industry standard will actually be more of a distraction than a cool feature. It will frustrate and distract a lot of viewers.

  • Brian21051

    24 fps is used for a reason. It encourages the users brain to fill in missing frames with its own immagination, thus immersing the viwer into the film. 48 fps is going to look too much like real life, as if it were recorded on a camera.

  • DanielChick

    This is unsubstantiated bo**ox. No-one’s imagination is fast enough to fill in 24 gaps every second. You are just requoting this from other unsubstantiated, unresearched sources.

  • Mdrstl289

    First ~ I agree that we should all wait to actually see it before we try to judge it. 2nd ~ …….”will look more real like”???  Really???  Is there a journalism degre behind a sentence structure like that? Do we not use proof readers anymore? Come on 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Mdrstl289

    Whoops…….should be 2 “e’s” in degree 🙂

  • I think they will get it right with the various trade offs, including the pros and cons of a faster cinematography frame rate. I can’t wait. Wish I could hang around and fetch coffee for them or something….

  • Raym

    I wondered about that too. If it cannot be shown in 48fps everywhere, what will the conversion to 24fps look like? At 48fps there will be no motion blur to full in at 24fps. Will they blend every two frames to get an artificial 24?

    I’d like to see the 48fps, but if my theatre doesn’t support it, will it look like a strobe?

    I could also do without the 3D.

  • Gimp

    I think you need to show us the 10 minute clip. We’re tried of hearing about it, show us! 🙁

  • I hope that it can also be viewed without 3d at the theaters – unfortunately 3d gives me a headache ..

  • Michelle

    Personally, I cannot wait for the FULL immersion experience where the holograms make you a part of the action! We cannot be too far off that! Can you imagine being a PART of Middle Earth? In ten years, this Holographic  cinema might be the new kind of ‘movie experience’ in the future! 3D? Full immersion I say! In the meantime we have visionaries like Peter Jackson to lead the way. Remember, ‘Talkies’ were thought to be a ‘passing phase’ only 75 years ago!

  • Dunarwen89

    I think we should wait and see what the film is going to look like. Personally, when I go and see a film I don’t sit there critiquing the director’s efforts, I sit there lost in the story if it’s good, or, if it’s not good, wondering who wrote it and why they thought it would be any good. Story IS King.

  • Yes, yes…Innovation is good..but please put beards on all the dwarves..PLEASE?

  • Lcirwin

    I agree.  How can we possibly comment on something we haven’t seen!!!

  • Don’t change it man.
    everybody bought The Lord of the Rings in Blue Ray anyway to see it properly.
    What could possably be wrong with seeing something better.
    These days people critic effects sometimes in terms of their realism.
    Theres to much missed with 24 Frames Per second

  • oh comone don’t tell me you don’t like watching 3d movies.
    Who doesn’t like watching the occasional 3d film at least.
    3d brings you into the story more
    Besides ofcourse it’ll be in 2d as well

  • They have beards man
    look at the trailer
    but a filthy looking dwarfe won’t get simpathy from us if he’s supposefd to be a hero.
    Gimli was comic relief in the movie remember

  • Very true good on you

  • whilst watching exclusive footage of the film 🙂

  • hahahahaha

  • Thats just it we aren’t seeing the full story and aren’t being gripped by it and so we imagine that this is what happened.
    we don’t see the story comone.

    Your living in the past century ma they have been using 24 Frames a second for about 100 years

  • Probably true

  • It depends on how much you want to drink the movie in.

    How much do you want to be involved in the movie.

    I have never heard anyone else critisise the use of 3d stating that it distracts you from the story.
    so not true it helps you to understand the story better cause it’s right infront of your face and you see things unnoticed before

  • I think he’s confused

  • Peter Jackson will only show this film at places where it can be played properly

    and the cinemas that don’t buy the new 48 frames a second will miss the chance to make money of a movie tha the whole world is going to see.

    Avatar was filmed at 48 to 50 frames with the animation stealing the extra frames.
    when it was played we were seeing 24 frames which was a third of what we were meant to see.

    Get hold of a blue ray version of avatar on a LED LG screen and you will see what I mean.
    It’s amazing to watch

    It’s not that expensive to purchase the new equipment for 48 frames a second.

  • 3d is optional and we’ve already seen an example of 48 – 60 frames being converted to 14 frames a second.

    Avatar was framed with 48 – 50 frames but we only saw a fraction of it because it was played at cinemas at 24 frames a second.

    Get hold of a blue ray copy on a good 42-60 inch LG screen and you’ll see what i mean

  • Fred222

    …and after this, there’s always Aragorn’s journeys to Rohan and Gondor where he became Captain of the Guard along side a young and suspicious Denethor. What a movie that will make…

  • I must agree!!!  I know Peter Jackson is a fan, and most of the people helping him produce it are fans..  I Trust his judgment..  I KNOW it will be spectacualr, and will be a credit to J.R.R Tolkien’s Memory..!!!  Thanks peter, and keep up the Great work..

  • doogansquest

    Not only that, but there’s nothing in Tolkien lore which requires that all the Dwarves look like Gimli and carry Scottish accents. In fact, they are supposed to have few variations from humans, much as Elves and Hobbits do. Just different stature, emotional tolerance, etc.

  • Fliss

    I think all new things should be given a chance as long as they do not harm anyone
    It’s good to try new things. Fliss

  • Javier dueñas leoz

    por favorrrrrrr quiero presenciar semejante evento ……….. diosssss cuanta espera! 

  • Kagi

    It doesn’t matter if it’s shown in 24fps or in 48fps. The story is great and that’s the only thing that really matters!

  • sharuman

    Wait… Hobbit critics? They exist?