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Peter Jackson Releases 3rd Hobbit Production Video Blog

Peter Jackson delivered both bad and good news this evening to Hobbit fans around the world.

First, Jackson squelched any rumors that The Hobbit would be making surprise visit to San Diego for this weekend’s Comic Con, where Peter Jackson is a known a fan of.  He said that Warner Brothers fully supported a panel and a presence at Comic Con this year, if Jackson wanted, but Peter felt that it was just too early to have an official panel, with as a little filming has been done at this point.

Jackson did say that next year, they will most likely be there.

To help comfort the upset, hoping they could get some Hobbit love at Comic Con, Peter Jackson also released another Hobbit movie “Behind the scenes” production video blog.  In this video, we see some of Peter Jackson’s acting ability as he finds himself lost in the James Bond set.  From there we get the treat to hear from many of the major actors in the film as they discuss their experience during the first few months of shooting.  We get a great up close and personal look at the dwarves as well as some great scenes of Gollum in his motion suit.  Even Saruman makes an appearance.  Enjoy!

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  • I can certainly wait for the movie, as long as these video blogs keep on rolling 🙂

  • I can certainly wait for the movie, as long as these video blogs keep on rolling 🙂

  • Dunarwen89

    Nice one PJ! Soooo excited I’ve got the Dwarves as my laptop wallpaper! Galadriel looks as beautiful as ever and it was cool watching Andy Serkis work his magic again. Bring on December 2012! 😀

  • jknapp

    I can’t wait!

  • Per_Woo

    That was So cool! show us some Beorn next time please! Peter?

  • Ceallaig2001

    “if there was a boy band in Middle Earth ….” ROFLMAO!!!  Oh, I am so glad this has finally gotten off the ground.  I recently saw the extended trilogy in the theatre, and I’m back in full fangirl mode.  Waiting very impatiently for next December … bring it on!!

  • gottarhyme

    The Hobbit film looks amazing, and Saruman made me laugh!

  • This made me so very happy!!!!!!