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Peter Jackson Busy With Projects

Peter Jackson Projects

Just because MGM’s debt problems has put an unknown delay on production of The Hobbit movies does not mean Peter Jackson is waiting twiddling his thumbs.  In fact, the Lord of the Rings director has been very busy the past year in assisting in the production of what will be the featured attraction this summer at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California.

Of course, Jackson’s first movie to hit the public following the epic trilogy was the highly anticipated King King.  Sure, it did not generate nearly the amount of buzz as did his Tolkien masterpiece, however, the special effects were rather breathtaking.  Universal Studios will now integrate King Kong at a whole new level on their famous “Back Lot Tour” ride.  The tour has always featured a section where you witness a real size King Kong causing havoc.  However, the new and improved Peter Jackson version will take you through an epic 3D and 360 degree experience in which you in the tram will be right in the middle.  Anyone who knows Jackson, knows that he is very particular in the projects he takes on, and I expect this to be no different.  Maybe one day we may have this same experience in Middle Earth.  See his exclusive interview about the ride below.

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