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Peter Jackson Possible Hobbit Director

Peter Jackson Hobbit Director

As the news hit most of the world today regarding Del Toro’s decision to leave the Hobbit movies project as director.  As we announced over the weekend, Del Toro’s prior commitments mixed with ongoing delays from MGM put Del Toro in the tough position to make a decision.  Despite him leaving, he still has a lot of remorse for not being able to see the films through.  In a recent interview at he said,

“One of my best friends died about a year ago,” del Toro said. “The main thing we have in common was at age 11 we read The Hobbit. We used to spend many, many afternoons talking about how great it would be to make The Hobbit into a movie. So it was very personal to me.”

Now, Tolkien fans around the world are biting their nails with speculation of the current status of The Hobbit movies.  Will the entire produciton be dropped?  Can we expect more delays?  All answers are not known at this point, but we can report on a few things.

First of all, do not worry, production seems to continue to go forward.  Peter Jackson has invested a lot, personally, in these movies and will not let them die away.  He continues to reinforce his commitment to the movies and that production is still on schedule at this point.  In fact, he has even flirted with the idea of a possible Jackson directed Hobbit movies.  In a recent interview with Sir Peter himself, here is what he said about the possibility of him directing the films,

“If that’s what I have to do to protect Warner Bros’ investment, then obviously that’s one angle which I’ll explore,” he said. But stepping in as director would be difficult as he had signed writer and director contracts with Hollywood studios for two other films, with one likely to begin next year. “The other studios may not let me out of the contracts.”

Sure, this doesn’t mean Peter is a lock to do the movies, but it is a big step from where we were a couple years ago.  In fact, just from recent interviews we have seen with Jackson, prior to Del Toro leaving, there seemed to be looks or remorse that he would not be the one directing this magical adventure.  I personally don’t believe he will let this one get away again.  Deep down, we know where his heart lies.  Also, by being director, he has another very big argument of having a larger stake in the franchise, which has been a long debate to making these films.  So, in my opinion, don’t be surprised to see Sir Peter himself back in the director’s chair seeing this one through to the end.  He has had his fun in other film projects since Lord of the Rings, but I think it’s about time for him to return to Middle Earth.