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Peter Jackson Rumored to be Doing Casting Calls for Hobbit

Peter Jackson Hobbit

It was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Peter Jackson was in LA this past week holding Hobbit auditions, even though it has not bee “officially” confirmed that indeed he is the director.  We have expressed our “firm” opinion here at, from what we have heard, that Jackson will indeed be director.  With ComicCon just around the corner, it makes us wonder if this will indeed be the place of Hobbit announcements, as Jackson has used the convention for several other critical announcements in the past.

There were also rumors that Jackson made stops in New York and England also holding casting calls.  It has been rumored that Warner Brothers and Jackson have come to an agreement on directing the film, pending that it can be a “speedy” production, serving to be released at the original target date of 2012 & 2013.  Warner Brothers seems to have taken lead on production, despite being “Co-producers” with MGM, who as of late, have been head deep in financial difficulties.  Warner Bros would need a signed release from MGM to move forward as lead producers.

The-HobbitMovie.Com will be attending ComicCon and will report updated news as it becomes available.  We will also be providing exclusive video footage of the convention and hope to get some “Hobbit related” guests on film.

  • Mauricio victoriano burgos

    Podrian hacer la pelicula de mi libro..que estoy escribiendo seguro ganrian arto dinero ademas cumplirian un sueño el de ver mi hermosos libro en la pntlla grande…no se arrepentirian………………………………. me ayudarian a salir de esta pobresa en la que me encuentro………….aunque no me es desagradable, pero me adueda……….

  • Mhbud143

    Only Peter Jackson has the essential skills to make this movie come alive with cinematic perfection! Just like what he did in the LOTR trilogy!

  • Graham flaws

    Peter. Get Donald Sutherland to play Gandalf. He has the voice the eyebrows the sternness and the face

  • Juan manuel

    I am of Argentine but since it wanted to have the opportunity to do the casting!!

    Peter jackson idol, the lord of the rings the best movie!!!

  • Pedro FM Santos

    Go Peter Go