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Peter Jackson Purchases 30 new RED 3D Cameras for Hobbit

Red Epic Camera

As production continues to move forward for The Hobbit movies, another big announcement was released over the weekend.  That is, Peter Jackson has purchased at least 30 RED 3D cameras, in which will be used to shoot both Hobbit movies.  The debate of whether the movies would be shot in 3D has been present ever since the project was announced.  Guillermo Del Toro, the original hired Director for the films, did not want the films to be shot in 3D.  Studios are in favor of 3D, due to increase in ticket prices they are able to charge.

Thus far, 3D movies have been sub par at best.  Most movies which have been released in 3D, have been converted in post production to a 3D format, which has a reputation for producing a low quality 3D.  Only a few movies have actually been shot in digital HD 3D cameras (Avatar), and the results are not comparable.  Peter Jackson made it clear that if indeed the movies were to be released in 3D, it would be done the right way.  The RED announcement confirms his desire.

The Red cameras have been very popular in filming movies and is one of the most popular camera used.  However, The Hobbit movies will be filmed using the RED Epic Cameras, which are their new top of the line 3D action camera, which can film at a resolution of 28,000 X 9,334.  You can do the math when you compare that your Blu Ray player at home shows a resolution of 1920 X 1080.

Below is a recent film short, The Crossing Line, which Peter Jackson just recently shot using a RED camera.  Although it is not the Epic series, you can see the incredible quality of the camera.  Discuss what your favorite Hobbit scene will be in 3D in our Hobbit Forum!