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Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood talk Hobbit at Sundance

MTV met up with Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood at the Sundance film festival and they each had a few words to say about the Hobbit movies. They assured, as it seems to be a pressing topic lately, the brighter tone and comical theme of The Hobbit will be balanced with the dark themes of The Lord of the Rings quite nicely. (If this video does not work, here is alternative YouTube Link)

Stay tuned for more Hobbit news!
  • Pauline

    Why do MTV make it impossible to view their videos outside US? It’s ridiculous.

  • Joe

    Because they’re mean people 🙁

  • Don Ermenegildo Bazán

    They can stick it up their bloody jumper!

  • This sucks. Most LOTR fans aren’t even from the US 🙁

  • baggins

    wow this is gay im in canada and cant even watch this f*ckin america

  • If there were only some way I could get in touch with Peter Jackson, just to let him know that If (given the chance) I would be most grateful to him if somehow he would let me be a part of The Hobbit, It would make my life so much better. I’ve been a fan since before The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings and have always dreamed of somehow being a part of it. I could die happy, with no regrets about my life and past choices.. I would somehow gather the money to go to NZ and do ANYTHING to be a part of the one thing that has had the most impact on my life… I cry when I think that no matter what I do, I could never be a part of these films.. As I said before, even if he never gets the opportunity to see the sincerity of this post.. Thank you, for making these films. I will forever cherish the memories they have given me, and maybe someday I will have the chance to thank you..