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Peter Jackson Releases 2nd Hobbit Production Video Blog

The Gods of Middle Earth have blessed us all with yet another Hobbit production “behind the scenes” video commentary, hosted by Director, Peter Jackson. A few months ago, Jackson released the first video, which featured much of pre-production shots and glimpses of Bilbo’s house as the cast did script reading an blocking.

The second video is much more interactive and we hear a lot from the cast and production crew. The video also features a sit down discussion with Peter Jackson and Second Unit Director Andy Serkis (who also plays Gollum). Another treat also included in this release, is an up close and personal look at filming spots for the upcoming movies. Peter Jackson takes us all on a tour of finding spots where he will shoot the film.

The video once again proves that production moves on and continues to thrive. The excitement for the movies is rapidly growing and has already established a healthy buzz.

In addition to the 2nd video, Jackson also gave a preview of a few of our Dwarves. Below you will see two pictures featuring 5 of the Dwarfs (Dori, Nori, and Ori in the first and Oin and Gloin in the second). As you can see, Jackson is not holding back at all in the costumes of the dwarves. We will continue to keep you updates with all Hobbit Movie updates!

oin gloin

  • Roman Juranek

    Great video and I know will be great movie . I can’t wait for next video from set and of course the Hobbit movie 🙂

  • OMG!!! I like very much Lord of the RIngs and The Hobbit!!! I cant wait annymore!!!. Greeetings from Argentina!

  • Fantastic. Just watching the vblog was bringing back the summer that I read the hobbit. It was in the mid-70’s and the images of reading that story are still very strong. One of the first sites you showed while scouting shooting locations seemed to the perfect Long Lake for the city Esgaroth. I truely envy Peter and Andy. Though they state they are exhausted, it looks to be an adventure that J.R.R. Tolkien would have cherished. Enjoy the break and look forward to your future vblogs. Oh, yeah, watch out for Andy. Heard he picked up a nasty habit from Gollum. Something about smacking people with fish..:-).

  • Creatress

    What the heck happened to poor Andy!? The ring must be really getting to him. He looks like he’s aged a good 40 years between LOTR and this filming. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Thanks for the sneak peek. Get some R&R Andy!

  • Elladan

    I assumed The hobbit would never reach this far into production because of all of the pre-film problems, but I am happily surprised to see this much progress!

  • i`m so glad every time i watch your videos !!!!!! i cannot wait more! i`ve already read the book, and i`m sure that the movie would be as best as the book ! lots of kisses and hugs, Celeste from Argentina 🙂 🙂

  • Anonymous

    They need these videos to appear more frequently. It brings a tear to me eye to be back in “anticipation” mode for the return to Middle Earth.

    As someone steeped in the rich history of writing and film, as someone who has worked in both fields, I can honestly say that anyone who doubts what this team does because of changes made during the transition from the page to screen is out of their mind. The changes have made sense from a film-making perspective, and the love, dedication, and attention to detail is unmatched.

    These two films will be master-class, just as the LotR series was. The Hobbit was basically a child’s bedtime story, but these films will do so much more for them. Forget Harry Potter; Tolkien’s world is the pinnacle of fantasy.