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Oscars and The Hobbit

With The Academy Awards taking place this past weekend, we have to speculate what kind of impact The Hobbit movies will have on The Academy. Indeed we saw a big impact with LOTR, as The Return of the King cleaned house with Oscars that year.  Could The Hobbit movies have the same fate?

We do no much of the team is returning for the two movies.  Many believe the Hobbit story is actually a better one, compared to LOTR.  There are plenty of places of make up and costume.  We thought it would be fun to conduct a mock list of Oscar potentials for the movie.  We encourage you to comment on your own.

1. Best Picture

2. Best Director

3.  Best Cinematography

4.  Best Original Score

5.  Best Costume

6.  Best Visual Visual Effects

7.  Best Make-up

Which ones are we missing?

  • Karpe94


  • Jonas

    Best movie ever made!!!!

  • Jonalozano17

    Music Indeed

  • Lori Bische

    Hottest Hobbit, Sexiest dwarf, Sexiest supporting dwarf, Coolest Elf, Best Dragon Voice, Best Human Governor Who’s Not Showing His Butt In This Film Like He Did In Sherlock Holmes Last Year … just to name a few! CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE HOBBIT!

  • Elanor Lawrence

    Definitely the music. Also, with the all-star cast they have a shot at getting one of the best actor awards. Martin Freeman will be fantastic as Bilbo.

  • Karpe94

    Indeed. Howard Shore is amazing.

  • Peterpeter

    Maybe you should take it easy….Peter didn’t do so well since then!

  • Karpe94

    I think The Hobbit will win a lot of awards. But award for their actors, i doubt that. They don´t have great actors. They have actors fit for the roles, which don´t take marvelous acting. You can se that clearly in the “Lord of the rings” films. 

  • All of them

  • Tom

    Art direction! Andy McLaren and Dan Hennah will do a great job bringing Tolkiens words to life on screen.

  • Riding a War Horse

    BEST ACTOR! Best Soundtrack, Best original score!

  • Dorothy

    Yeah Ian McKellan & Christopher Lee are certainly NOT great actors!!!! RIGHT!!!!

  • Most expected movies in the last 9 years

  • Retori

    Best adapted screenplay, Best supporting actor, Best editing, Best sound mixing, Best sound editing.

  • burns

    I hope Sir Ian Mckellen wins best supporting actor.

  • moi

    Meilleur musique, meilleur en tous, film le plus attendu ^^

  • Bänny

    Best movie, best soundtrack, best male actor, 

  • Okejhej


  • I’ve been waiting for these movie and i think it will be more beautiful and great than the LOTR

  • Roman Juranek

    First let’s see The Hobbit and later we would be able to answer for this question but if this would depend from us The Hobbit would get Oscars for all.

  • i think that only the second movie will  take the most part of the oscars… we saw that with the lotr triology.. however i believe that the first movie can be awarded  with some effect and sound oscars.

  • Tanay Parkar

    A Clean Sweep would be spectacular!

  • Abdi

    Best Soundtrack

  • Qewrgwevawfdv

    Best Of Best

  • I prefer the Hobbit than LOTR when it comes to the books!

  • I prefer the Hobbit than LOTR when it comes to the books!

  • Bänny

     I prefer LOTR myself but the Hobbit is awesome aswell! 😀

  • Bänny

    Dude, the have Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchet, Hugo Weaving and many moore AWESOME actors!!!!!

  • Tier 07

    Лучшая мужская роль второго плана

  • Kagi_95

    best original score and best leading actor! Howard Shore and Martin Freeman are amazing!

  • Alexwally29

    Best actor for Bilbo, Supporting actor for Thorin (or Gandalf), Best sound mixing and Best Art Direction