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Orlando Bloom Joins Hobbit Cast

Orlando Bloom Hobbit

This should be great news for all you ladies out there.  Indeed, sources are claiming that Orlando Bloom is “very close” to closing a deal with producers on returning as Legolas Greenleaf in The Hobbit movies. This would be another character which is not found within the actual Hobbit novel, but it would not be a far stretch to include him in the movie, especially the 2nd one.

Legolas is the son of Thranduil (The ElvinKing), who has a rather large part within the Hobbit story.  Within the time frame of the Hobbit, Legolas is a mature, several thousand year old Elf.  Peter Jackson may integrate him further into the second movie as they look to include the Battle of the Five Armies.  Here we could see more of that handsome bow action that Bloom does so well.  We attempted to confirm these rumors with Bloom’s people, and received “no comment,” which in this business is usually a sure “yes.”

Negotiations still remain for Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, and Hugo Weaving.  It is anticipated that these will be resolved soon, but they are not quite there yet.

Are you excited to see the return of Orlando Bloom to Middle Earth?  Discuss your thoughts in our message board.

  • Josylira


  • Caladhiel

    Yay Ian McKellen and Hugo Weaving! Oh yeah, and Bloom too I guess…Bloom and his wig. 😉

  • Amafox

    Can’t believe this! Such great news, I never even thought that he could be in it!! This film just keeps getting better!!!

  • Frego

    And what about of Christopher Lee? Why he will not participate on The Hobbit?

  • Tora_greiff


  • Fff


  • Jengzoe_28

    nice one…Orlando Bloom is one of my favorite cast of LOTR

  • Nanoosh358

    PLS . YOU MUST HAVE ” Viggo Mortensen ‘ in the movie … pls do something
    We Love ARAGORN

  • Kat143528

    wow!! good news.. i always loved orlando inl lotr.and yah, i love n miss viggo, hope hel be included too… how about elijah??? hes not IN anymore??

  • Poda

    I wish Liv Tyler joined the project!)))))))))

  • Aiseru

    i wish for craig parker to b thranduil then *U*

  • Ariksetiawan2

    yes.,Orlando Bloom must return to Middle Earth

  • Anonymous

    God, I hope so. But he’s up there in age now (88 I think), so he might have to film his scenes in England with green screens since getting to New Zealand at his age isn’t very comfortable unless there are multiple stops on a private jet.

  • NB2k11

    if Legolas is probably there, what about Gimli?

  • But… Legolas wasn’t in the books…. I feel a little uneasy about this.

  • RLEllebrecht

    Me happy & excited to see the return of Orlando Bloom as Legolas Greenleaf

  • Allie

    yes!! yes!! he really deserve it!!! hes a good and pretty actor!! im looking 4ward in that movie!! it would be a hit!!


    yes!!!!!………..I am so not missing this movie………….

  • i like it.. much.. ^^

  • Kitkat23

    Please Please put in the battle of the five armies in with Legolas!!!!