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Official Hobbit Trailer Released!


Well, the long wait is over.  Peter Jackson and company have finally given Tolkien fans all across the world something to gnaw on in anticipation for The Hobbit movies.  The Hobbit officially released the first Hobbit Trailer over the internet, giving fans who didn’t want to wait until Tin Tin opened the opportunity to get an early preview!  Although it is brief, the trailer easily brings back the familiar feelings and themes as we saw in LOTR.  No doubt Jackson is handling The Hobbit movies with similar care.  So with that we give you The Hobbit Movie Trailer!  Enjoy!



  • thank you…

  • <3 it!! mi trilogía favorita de todos los tiempos! al fin!! Ya me leí todos los libritos 😀

  • Paul Lane

    looks brilliant, not sure about Bilbo, but i just so wish it was this December.

  • Hobbitfreak


  • Tulkas

    espero que tambien saquen una version cinematografica del silmarillion

  • Margaret

    It looks great but! I am disappointed with the new Bilbo…… Sigh!!!!

  • Karen

    Looks great. Roll on December 2012 🙂

  • Alex

    AMAZING! Great images, great characters, young Bilbo is perfect! Gandalf obviously! But I’m not sure about some dwarves make up, it doesn’t look completely real. One year left, its too much!!  

  • Marcos_gita

    The Lord of The Rings was the best movie ever ever ever! And I was a little child when I watch that! Now I grow up and still love this movie and I still watching it! I write fantasy books, like The Lord of The Rings, and I’m waiting for a long time The Hobbit!!! Thank you Peter Jackson and team! Sorry, I’m brazilian, so my english is not sog good! You marked my childhood and my life!!!!!!!!

  • A YEAR I GOT TO WAIT A YEAR OMG. ok for Peter Jackson I’ll wait. I guess. A YEAR geez can I hold out… oh wait I got the extended version of LOTR. Im good. ok no problem. crisis over 😀 thanks for the trailer.

  • Tigerfibel

    Wow…That song is awesome. We wants it!!! 😀

  • Kinkajouj

    Why would you not give all the dwarves full beards, especially Thorin? Bofur looks like Atilla the Hun. That and the fact that Jackson has split this into 2 movies worries me. I realize he’s making big bucks but the story was short enough to make into one film ( I mean Rankin/Bass made it into an hour cartoon for Gods sake) I don’t think adding Gandalf in Dol Guldur adds anything, nor does including the White Council. I will certainly go see it but I think Mr Jackson has gotten too full of himself on this one. I really hope i’m wrong

  • Tildo Gamgee

    I agree, wasn’t so sure of Martin Freeman as Bilbo till I got to work with him on set as an extra. I tell you, this guy is brilliant! He doesn’t hold back in character. Trust me, you’ll love him as Bilbo. Perfect choice!

  • Bilbo looks like Pippin….

  • Llore al ver las imagenes, amo el mundo de tolkien

  • Michelle

    I cannot WAIT for this to appear! Gandalf, old Bilbo, and Galadriel, how wonderful to see them again in this trailer!

  • Friemel_1

    I cann’t wait I cann’t wait I cann’t wait….:-)

  • Maekcgooden

    I read this book in my youth…. the movie for sake of the people who saw the lord of the rings… should of either read or saw this movie first… so that a prologue would not have been necessary by literates such as myself

  • Bcolvert64

    Another year wow, but I know it will be worth the wait!!!

  • Excellent short, but I may actually die of anticipation at this rate.

  • Ron1701mar

    dec 2012 is to long of a wait. the trailer looked great.

  • Remember its not just the story of the hobbit:  the Silmalarion is being woven in as the orignial story is a childrens tale that predates majority of the world tolkien created.  hobbit being told after lotr simply has context issues that needed to be addressed, and sil (i really should  learn how to spell that) adds thatdepth.  that also means two books … thus two movies.

  • Batman61

    Can’t wait, but am having trouble finding a climatic ending for the first movie – escape from the goblins? reaching Dale? Also, we have to wait until Dec 2013 for the 2nd half! That being said, I’m impressed with the different looks of the dwarves and with the casting of Bilbo. Very glad to see Ian McKellen and Hugo Weaving back.  

  • Batman61

    Ooops that should be “climactic” ending…

  • Francesca

    Martin Freeman was EPIC as Watson, and I’m sure he ‘ll be EPIC again in this film. CAN’T WAIT!!!
    P.S Loved Lord of the Rings!