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Official Hobbit Release Date Soon and Peter Talks Hobbit

peter jackson

The Hobbit buzz is in full force now that the official red carpet Hobbit premiere has taken place in New Zealand.  Screenings are taking place around the world and critics are coming out saying The Hobbit is better than expected.  The bar has been set high for Peter Jackson and company after the success of Lord of the Rings, but it seems as though they are already surpassing it.

There were some that reported “uneasy” feelings for some who viewed The Hobbit in the new “48 frames per second” format.  I would not be too worried about this as, our eyes are fully capable of easily digesting 48 fps.  In fact, natural vision is estimated at about 60 fps, so 48 should be no problem.  The difference is, is that we are used to seeing a “blurry” 24 fps in the movie theater, so no doubt, there will be a different look to the movie.  You will see, however, Middle Earth is breathtakingly beautiful in the new format.
Peter Jackson recently interviewed with the LA Times and discussed the upcoming Hobbit movies.  In it, Jackson discusses the upcoming movies and some things to look for.  He also talks about some of the frustrations with working with prosthetics and make up.  No doubt, there were many of these in The Hobbit.  The question is, do you have your Hobbit tickets yet?