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Official Hobbit Coins and Stamps Giveaway

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The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Official Stamps & Coins GIVEAWAY

The official release of The Hobbit: An Unexected Journey has come and gone and to celebrate we are giving you the chance to win some official The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey collectables from New Zealand Post.

This week, we will be having several giveaways that you will be able to enter through a variety of social media and participation contests.

Take a look below at the stamps and coins being offered by the New Zealand Post:


Brilliant uncirculated coin set:











We will be giving you the chance to win a Brilliant Uncirculated Set of coins, which features Gandalf, Radagast, Thorin Oakenshield, and three dwarves (seen above).   The set of three coins retail for NZ$85.00


Silver Coin with Selective Gold Plating (1$ face value)


We will also be giving away a couple of these beautiful coins that feature Bilbo Baggins setting out from Bag End.  The silver coin with gold plating will also come with a collector’s case and a certificate of authority.  The coin retails for NZ$149.00


Presentation Pack


Lastly, we will be offering these awesome Hobbit themed Presentation Packs, which includes six miniature sheets, a gummed first day cover and a strip of six self-adhesive stamps which feature Bilbo, Gollum, Radagast, Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield, and Elrond.  These presentation packs retail for NZ$29.90.

Please keep in touch in this week for our contest announcements via our Facebook Page and Twitter Page, so that you can participate and get a chance to win these awesome The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey collectables.  Make sure you check out the other collectable stamps and coins that have been produced by New Zealand Post, which also include a set of silver coins and a set of gold coins. Take a look here at

*If you are a resident in a country other than United States (or NZ depending on who sends it), you may be required to pay customs and import duties and/or taxes to receive the above prize. accepts no responsibility for any customs and import duties and/or taxes associated with the above prize.


  • ohhhhhhh, yes please, Stina would love some of these preciouses!

  • Mile

    Tom, Bert, and Bill.

  • Tom, Bert and Bill

  • Tom, Burt and William/Bill (I can’t figure out how to retweet this) >.>

  • Guest

    Fili, Nori, Kili 🙂

  • Bert, Bill and Tom

  • rafael

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  • Aria

    Bert, Tom and Bill. (Bill= William)

  • jogardo

    Tom, Bert, and William (“Bill”) Huggins

  • Cathy Jurgelsky

    Bert, Tom, and William

  • Cathy Jurgelsky

    Bert, Tom, and William

  • Tom, Bert, & William (Bill) Huggins

  • Mel

    Their names are Bert, Tom and Bill (William) Huggins.

  • Bert, Tom and William (or Bill).

  • Tom, Bert and William (Bill) Huggins.

  • Bert, Tom and Bill (William) Huggins.

  • Tom, Bert, & William (Bill) Huggins

  • Bert, Tom and Bill (William) Huggins.

  • Soccerchick

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  • Bilbos father: Bungo Baggins. Trolls: Tom Bert & William (Bill)

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  • Cathy Jurgelsky

    The name of Bilbo’s father is Bungo Baggins.

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