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Not Confirmed, but Orlando Bloom Confident About Hobbit Role

Orlando Bloom Hobbit

MTV caught up with Orlando Bloom yesterday to interview him about his newest movie, Sympathy for Delicious, and of course a lot of the interview centered on his rumored participation in the upcoming Hobbit movies.  As we reported months ago, there were rumors of a $1 million deal with Bloom to make a two minute cameo in the movie.  The deal never became official and many have wondered if it was no longer.  Bloom seems to disagree.  When asked if he was going to participate in the movie,  he said:

“I’m going to bet on it, but I can’t really talk too much about it because it’s still sort of in the ether. But I would love to go back to work with Peter Jackson. It would be an honor.”

When asked if he’s ready to get back into that famous wig and those prosthetic ears, Bloom said he’s happy to put on anything and everything Jackson requires:

“I’ll do anything for him,” he said.

He obviously knows something we do not. At any rate, that must make many of you lady Tolkien fans to know that Legolas will most likely be back with his long blonde locks of hair and bow and arrow.  We will make sure to keep you posted when this is official.

  • Sunni

    Hope Orlando Bloom returns as Legolas in the Hobbit!!! And it is longer then 2 mins!!!!!

  • Alison Rosenbaum

    Good Luck with this possibility Orlando. Please view comments on the page looking to fill the role as Fili. That would be tool cool. I think Orlando Bloom would be a successful choice.

  • Sabrina

    yes yes YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • tvan

    Honestly, and I know this will piss of some people but I think the only thing Orlando needs in the hobbit is a cameo while the dwarfs are imprisoned in his fathers dungeons or a SMALL part in the battle of the 5 armies or both maybe, but to put him in just to draw in women viewers is PATHETIC it should be something in the story of the HOBBIT. This shouldnt be a lord of the rings reunion cause its its own story people should just get over it SHEEEEEEESH

  • Arya

    I will be very happy if he is in the Hobbit. If you think about it, it is logical seeing as he was most definitely around during the Hobbit. Legolas is at least a couple hundred years old and the Hobbit only took place, what? Sixty years before the War of the Ring? It’s just sort of filling in a gap that Tolkien left.

  • Least favorite thing I’ve heard about this movie is Orlando Bloom’s involvement. He’s not a good actor and Legolas is NOT in the book.

  • Wardamneagle

    I hope he holds out for the money. Jackson can damn well afford him. 

  • Ariiz D’ Jackson Bloom

     Participate!! Legolas returned would be great in the movie!