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New image with dwarves from the hobbit

Here’s yet another photo from The Hobbit movie featuring Balin (Ken Stott) and Dwalin (Graham McTavish).

  • Simon

    Why is Dwalin the great warrior when it was Balin who led an army to reconquer Moria?

  • This isn’t really a new picture.  It seems to be a rehash of the older photoshoot, if anything.

  • Daviddon

    I know dwarves live longer than humans, but Balin looks too old to one day go off to Moria. “he is dead then” Of course he is dead! Look how old he is!

  • cm

    In the books, Balin and Dwalin were older. I’m uncertain if they were older than all the others, but older dwarves nonetheless. 

  • Beriadanad

    @cbdcbd7d3734bc0dafd4b69e25a1dfda:disqus To compare Dwalin and Balin you simply have to look a Boromir and and Faramir. Boromir was the mightiest warrior of the two sons but Faramir had an iron will and is not easily corrupted Faramir also was a great pollution. 
    Balins campaign was purely political, regaining the mines of Moria was meant to help the dwarves not only gain better access to the other peoples of middle earth, allowing for a quicker route to the lonely mountain instead of through treacherous mirk wood. Allowing for the old routes of trade to be reopened and it also was meant to increase dwindling dwarf population. And as dwarf cities became less and less the populations in the remaining cities swelled.     

  • Kaboom

    Dwarf’s live about 200 to 400 years according to Tolkien background books … Thorren was the oldest of the Hobbit group  then Balin and Dwalin .. Balin was almost 300 at the time of his run to Moria … Dwalin was only a few years younger than Balin then it was Orie, Norie, Owen Gloin, etc … basically they were introduced by age which was also their importance .. Yes this is a repost of the Dwarf pic from 2010 or so. Minro changes to wardrobe .. and hair style … on the left the robe is now more deep red before it was almost brown .. and on the right it is black not deep blue.

  • Thorin is 17 years older than his cousin Balin, and Balin is older than his brother Dwalin, according to Tolkiens work (and wikipedia).