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New Image with Bilbo and the Dwarves

As we get closer and closer to the December release date for The Hobbit, we continue to see more and more new things to be excited about.  The newest is a brand new picture of Bilbo with many of the Dwarves (William Kircher, Graham McTavish, James Nesbitt and John Callen) Bifur, Dwalin, Bofur, and Oin).  It is easy to see the detail that Peter Jackson is putting into these scenes, which causes even more excitement!

Stay tuned!

  • Michelle

    Can’t wait to see more!

  • Cool shit! I wish it was christmas soon ;(

  • Ffloresfarje

    anxiety is killing me

  • Mandevwin

    Will december ever come 🙁

  • advocate

    When this movie comes out I’ll be making a thousand mile road trip so watching it can be a family affiar