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New Hobbit Toys and MGM Pays Back Debt

As we announced last week, Warner Brothers is already capitalizing the tremendous buzz surrounding the upcoming Hobbit movies.  We introduced the new Tolkien LEGOs that have hit the market.  In addition, new products are set to hit the market soon.  Above you see the 10K gold “One Ring”.  Warner Brother will be soon releasing Trivia games as well as 3D puzzles.  All of these just reinforce the excitement that is soon to come with the December release.

Additionally, MGM made news today, that they have repaid their debts and will officially be coming out of Bankruptcy.  Two years ago, the studio giant declared Bankruptcy, as debts piled up too high for the studio to handle.  With large anticipation of The Hobbit and the newest James Bond, MGM feels that they are in for a great year and so do their creditors.  This is definitely good news for The Hobbit, as it should reduce any possible production hiccups we have seen in the past.

Stay tuned for updated news of The Hobbit movies.  Some great things to look forward to this next month!

  • Lee

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!! Even now, I’m wearing my precioussss……

  • Morgil

    They already had that 10K ring back when LotR was still new. In fact, I bought one and still wear it occasionally.