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New Hobbit Shirts!

bilbo shirthobbit shirt

We are in the process of finalizing some amazingly, uniquely hand drawn Hobbit T-shirts that we will offer for a limited amount of time.  Below are two of the first to be completed.  We wanted to get some feedback from you.  Out of the two shirts which would you buy.  These shirts will include a shiny screen, which will have both Bilbo’s sword and the encryption on the ring glow in the dark!  We are excited to get your response!(Click shirts to enlarge)

We will be developing a variety limited release T shirts for both men and women and want your feedback.. Leave a comment below with ideas of what you would like to see on a T-shirt.

  • Ryden Findison

    The ‘One Ring To Rule The All’ !!! That’s the best, hands down! Can’t wait until release!

  • Charlotte Perez

    Don’t know if the images are sized accurately to shirts…if they are I would say they’re kind of big. Love the Ring shirt….the Bilbo shirt is nice but too “cutesy” for this old lady.

  • Sarah Hashim

    I have a few ‘out there’ ideas… about a ring design that goes right round the chest and back……also id LOVE an aragorn/legolas style ‘hoodie’……….i like both tees but the ring wins….bilbos a bit cutesy for me lol

  • David Goffan

    Oh just make them both :P

  • Angelamellor28

    Just have to have a Thorin one !!!  Please ?

  • Eljay2031

    not particularly keen on either – both look fairly cheesey, doubt they would ever do them in xxl or xxxl being a fitness insructor i need xxlarge. as to be the one ring which is the best. though you would have thought more thought would have gone into them…lol

  • Danielleloges

    I love both of them and would buy both.You people are awesome

  • Shandrake

    How about a Tshirt with Smog!!

  • Shandrake

    How about a Tshirt with Smog!!

  • Denistonr

    You need a dragon one! The ring one reminds me more of the Lord of the Rings book than The Hobbit

  • Denistonr

    You need a dragon one! The ring one reminds me more of the Lord of the Rings book than The Hobbit

  • Chris_rundquist

    Have you come up with a Smaug T-shirt?

  • Ray Grant

    Love the shirts, Ring reminds me of LOTR not the Hobbit.
    Need a Smaug shirt!!

  • Some

    i’d really like to have a T-shirt with Smaug:)
    but these two are great anyway!

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  • Ash

    The door to the Mines of Moria would make a cool shirt. Make the shirt charcoal grey and then the door done in silver. ***

  • Lotr1958

    I love the Ring shirt. I agree with Charlotte; the Bilbo shirt is a little too quaint for me.
    Shandrake: did you mean Smaug by any chance?

  • Luiza Odara

    I would like to have the ring one, and a shirt with Smug, or Gandal or the Elves would be great!

  • Andrew

    I like Sarah`s
    idea very much.  Ring around the chest –
    it`s very unusual.

    And idea
    with Smaug I like too.

  • Ali

    I agree that the ring shirt is far more reminiscent of LOTR than the Hobbit. Smaug would indeed seem to be the best design choice for the hobbit. or the dwarves whole party. or bjorn. or the stone trolls. or laketown.
    Plenty of stuff exclusively from the hobbit.

  • Reginagraceruiz

    nice shirt !!….

  • Harwoodj23

    How bout the whole Dwarven Party, “Got Dwarves?”

  • Harwoodj23

    How bout the whole Dwarven Party, “Got Dwarves?”

  • Abraham Pérez Flores

    Honnestly I  liked more the bilbo ones :P, but i would like to have a t-shirt with the “the hobbit” legend on it.. ;)