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New Hobbit Set Pictures, Featuring Frodo

HObbit Frodo

New pictures from The Hobbit movie (Ain’t It Cool News) set were leaked showing Frodo (Elijah Wood) conducting business in Hobbiton.  Martin Freeman was standing in for Ian Holm, who is doing all his close up shots from London.  Any news showing production on going is good news in the movie business.

One scene which was shot was of Elijah Wood nailing a wooden sign to the door which reads, ‘No Admittance Except On Party Business.’  For Tolkien fans, you should know where in time this scene takes place.

Peter Jackson has already explained that original Lord of the Rings characters will make a showing in The Hobbit to help link together The Hobbit with the trilogy.  How Jackson does it, will be interesting to see.

In other news, it was released that The Hobbit movie racked up over $20 million in Tax Rebates for their first year of production.  The Prime Minister lured Hobbit producers back to New Zealand with the rebate incentives, which as it shows, was quite significant.  Obviously, this matter continues to be a debate among locals of New Zealand.

  • Drakerbong

    por favor que salga antes de que acabe el mundo Amo a los Hobbit´s hehehe

  • Concerned Guest Fan

    How about a linkback or reference for the photos from AintItCoolNews, as was specifically requested in the original article?

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the pictures! I always thought that PJ would somehow link The HOBBIT back to the LOTR trilogy. After all, not everyone reads, and not everyone will understand that something in the same universe has NOTHING to do with the trilogy, except as a prequel to Frodo Baggins’ adventure! I love the films AND the books, just as I love Harry Potter, as to me they are separate but enjoyable experiences.