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New Hobbit Production Video Blog #4 Released from The Hobbit Set!

peter jackson hobbit

After the long wait, Peter Jackson finally answered the prayers from Hobbit fans around the world and released the latest “Behind the Scenes” Production video blog from the Hobbit set.

As were the three prior, Jackson hosts the video blog and gives a great update on production.  In this particular episode, Jackson dives into the art of filming 3D and just how that relates to The Hobbit video.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Hobbit 3D will just be another post produced 3D rendering like many “Hollywood 3D” movies.  Jackson is paying close attention to the quality and look 3D is generating during production and filming to ensure the best 3D experience.  We are sure to be blown away by the final product.

What are your thoughts about The Hobbit in 3D?  Discuss with other fans here in our Hobbit Forum.

So, as promised, below is the latest video blog update from Peter himself.   We hope you enjoy!

  • Roman Juranek

    I can’t wait to see Hobbit in 3D, this will be great experience.

  • Reuben

    ive read the book heaps! and i cant wait for the movie!!! looks awesome

  • Alxndr

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  • Morgil

    That logo at the end makes me wonder if they’re gonna be releasing a trailer soon.

  • Michelle

    Oh my goodness! I just happen to have some 3D glasses, and the art work really leaps at you! I am an artist myself, and now I have some great ideas to make my horses and riders leap from the page. I cannot WAIT to see 48FPC in 3D!

  • Allen_licmuan

    I nearly cried when I saw Elijah as Frodo again!

  • I`m so anxious for this film!!! i know that it will be identical to the book !! i cannot wait more!! (: all the best! Celeste from Argentina 

  • Carole__smith

    O M G can’t wait for this now, going to be a long year 2012 it looks brill,awesome, got my 3D glasses at the ready,

  • Morelia Farias


  • Lucasyanzon


  • Teacher MP

    Yey!! I just can’t wait to see the film! It’s been too long since we’ve seen the LOTR world on the big screen, too long!

  • Matiasyanzon

    I’m from Argentina I’m a fan of Peter Jackson and the hobbit, the lord of the rings

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  • Gary

    Its great .I have seen the trailers . It will be the Best.