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New Hobbit Production Video # 8 Released!



Well, just because we are beginning to see more and more news and trailers for the upcoming Hobbit release, does not mean Peter Jackson is done with his video production blogs.  Jackson has released yet another Behind the scenes look at the production of the Hobbit.  This time, the video starts by showing us the recent Comic Con experience in San Diego, which is awesome.  We also see some more production footage and post editing.  They keep getting better and better.  Enjoy!

  • Juan Antonio Lacal Gomez

    I WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE        N O W         !!!!!!


  • Emrys Mythrander

    By far, the most anticipated movie of my life, and the first complete story I learned as a child, still to this day ‘Misty Mountains Cold’ chills me to my very core.  

  • Mr. Jackson not only retells wonderful stories to film, but also seems to have quite a talent of creating “family”.  I think that’s why we all love him so much.

  • Chet Tucker

    Peter, I’m an editor willing to work for you for free because I believe you’re THAT kind of film maker – not just for The Hobbit films and Lord of the Rings films, but even for some of your lesser-known, but still amazing films like “The Frighteners”. Few people can make an amazingly scary movie that’s also funny.

  • Tomasz Głowacki

    who is the blurry guy on 13:00?

  • Matias Nicolas Tartara

    Amazing again!! Thanks

  • Michelle

    Thank you! I really enjoyed this blog!

  • Stuckinthesixtys

    Not too sure about this being legal but there is a trailer currently playing in theaters for THE MAN IN STEEL due to release in 2013 with music from The Fellowship as their theme song. It’s Caras Galadhom (Lament for Gandolf).
    I CAN’T imagine Peter Jackson or Howard Shore would allow this!

  • Timothy Steinbrunner

    Thank you for keeping us, the Fans, involved with the production. I have a request in this video I see the t-shirts that some of the crew are wearing that say “Andy’s Flying Serkis” I want to get one! I thought that was so Awesome!!

    Looking forward for the release, and keep up the good work.

  • Cindy Repkow

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr. Jackson. It couldn’t have been made by any other person in this world for that world. I positively love the amazing way you have brought this story to life and can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Thank you to all the other incredible actors and critical staff that brought this to the world as well. Forever a Fan.

  • Great production video, can’t wait for the movie!!