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New Hobbit Production Video #7 Released


Well the time has come for yet another behind the scenes Hobbit production video narrated by no other than Peter Jackson himself.  This time, Jackson takes us on a tour of the Hobbit studio and introduces many Hobbit guests along the way.  The video is a magical experience as all of the production videos have been.  Enjoy!

  • Kitkat23

    Love it heaps, Big Legolas fan

  • Dunarwen

    That was hilarious!

    Unbelievably excited for The Hobbit part 1 now! 😀

  • CarrockOfAges

    Ok anyone else think at 5:50 is going to be a totally epic scene?! Is that Thorin?  Also, what kind of character do you think that stuntie with the tree attached to his back is going to be? seems weird to me…ALSO, check out this bomb Thror’s Map I found….

  • BeornFTW

    Yeah Im pretty sure that is Thorin.  Im not sure what that stunt guy is.  Awesome map!