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New Hobbit Movie Names Revealed

hobbit movie title

Sources are reporting the recent registration of movie titles from New Line Cinema, one of the studios producing The Hobbit movies. It has been reported that two Hobbit movie titles have been registered.  The first is The Hobbit : There and Back Again. The second, The Hobbit : The/An Unexpected Journey. No official word has been announced from the studio itself and it is true that sometimes multiple potential movie names are registered before the official is named, however, it is a rather safe bet to assume these will be your Hobbit movie titles.

The first, There and Back Again is already an alternate title for the original Hobbit novel and follows Peter Jackson’s past desire to not stray far from the source, especially with official names.  So to consider this is the name of the first movie is no stretch.  The second is more complicated.  There is no “official novel” that portrays what the second movie will be.  However, we do know it will contain many events that are referred to in The Similarion.  An Unexpected Journey would coincide with many of the journeys discussed in the untold tales.  Therefore, there is no reason to think this will not be the title.

The first movie is expected to release in December of 2012, with the second to be released the following year.  We expect an “official” announcement from Hobbit producers soon.

Discuss what you think of the names in our community message board (link below).

  • Pasxalis89

    i’m waiting the best movie “hobbit” after “lotr”. please make this movie to stay in history….

  • Petejaxon

    Don’t you guys know that the two Hobbit movies are going to cover the one novel? The second movie that “connects” The Hobbit and LOTR was scrapped a long while ago. Movie 1 = the first half of The Hobbit; Movie 2 = the second half of The Hobbit. My guess: Movie 1 is “An Unexpected Journey” and movie 2 is “There and Back Again.”

  • ArchAngel

    Thia “HOBBIT” will be a movie to remember for me [after LOTR was a good one] ^^ I’m waiting them all!

  • taekotemple

    In response to Petejaxon: There have been several ideas thrown around regarding whether they’d film The Hobbit as being two parts of the novel, or if they’d do one movie covering the novel and the sequel covering events in middle earth, possibly to bridge the gap between the events of The Hobbit with the events of The Lord of the Rings, drawing from several sources in Tolkien’s writing. I suppose we won’t really know until the company chooses to reveal it to us, or until we’re actually in the theater seats. I’m really looking forward myself to see what they choose to do.

  • darkwisper

    yea im with peter rather keep to the original novel

  • pedro santo orsini revenga

    I am very eager to see and film the hobbit, I hope piter jackson again impressed with his trabajo.Un greeting to all from my country VENEZUELA, my name is Pedro Santo Orsini Revenga and I’m a fan of Tolkien.

  • Charliebrownlink

    I love it- Try the second Movie title. “An unexpected Journey”….it is Peter’s Masterpiece.

  • Mr. Meade

    The first should be “There” and the second “Back Again”. Anything else just doesn’t make much sense. Will Bilbo get home at the end of the first film? Not likely.

  • Johnandchristo

    Tolkien rules…

    north western Europe lives again.